Monthly Card Reveal

Can you be a whirl of creation and skip the freak out?

The Card Reveal is here!


How are you?

What’s been going on in your world?

Mine’s been a whirl of art creation!


When I started working on the Water Creatures zine I knew I wanted a comic book aspect and that’s when Feminist Mermaid Convos came into being. What would they talk about and how could I base them in reality?


They’ve been so much fun to work on! They have also been challenging.


When you do something new it stretches your boundaries in a really safe way.


Any ways, welcome to the April Card Reveal. April is the best month of the year, yeah I was born in April. Which is why I have the half off MayDay sale May first and second.


You can also get a whole month of card reveals join the list.

Take a good look at what you are creating in your life! That means you can tweak it when you need to and stay on the course that’s working for you. Detours aren’t bad they simply mean you needed to learn some more before you stream line things.

It is okay to take a side route if you need to. I’ve been on some awesome detours and some that weren’t but I learned so much form both types. Don’t be afraid of learning it is good for you!


Keeps your brain frisky!


Am I on the Right path?


Now the Reveal!

Can you be a whirl of creation and skip the freak out?

This month’s deck is the Ceccoli Oracle, this deck only has numbers, no names. Did you miss last week’s video It’s Raining retrogrades? Catch it here.

Card 1

I gave it my all and then it fell flat. That hurts and feels really horrid, no one wants to be here. People go out of their way to never go there and don’t put anything out just in case it fails. When you give it your all that’s a gift to you, you can feel like you fail but that is where you can learn. Learning is where you need to take what you are working on and look at what you would change to reinflate your effort. Failing is not the end it is a new beginning with a wiser you. Where have you failed and how did it make you better?

Card 2

Who do you need to rescue? Are you supporting others and are they supporting you back? There may be times when you need to support more then you get but really in any relationship it does need to be a two way street. You also deserve to be supported too. Look at how this plays out in your life with loved ones and friends. Are you the one who is always supporting or is there a balance here?

Card 3

What’s making you freak out? Is it real or is it one your protectors thought up to keep you safe? There are real fears and then the ones that are created in the head. The fear is there to keep you in a place you know because it is safe. It might not be the best but it is what you know and that can often equate to safety. Know why you are doing or not doing and if what you really need is a big dose of action steps. Where do you hold back due to fear?

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Half Century Sale for One on One Sessions!

Half Century Sale for One on One Sessions!

Is over

So yes I am um yeah half a century.

How did that happen I ask me?

Time marches on I guess.


Half a Century sale

I don’t feel half a century that’s for sure and my mother told me I can’t talk about it.


To celebrate it this year and kick off something that’s been rolling around in my head. There’s a mini sale going on.

Mentor sessions have been percolating for a while and well what better way to celebrate then a sending them out to the Universe and you!

I don’t even have a fracking name yet!


But what can they do?

Help release stagnate energy
Hold space and witness
Tune up your energy
Get your chakras aligned
Create energetic action steps
Receive Messages from the Universe
Connect to your Guides


They are intuitive and can involve regular coaching, me holding space and witnessing, light language and sound. Private sessions are intuitive and no two will ever be the same.

Book a session for $50 USD because I am 50.

Sale is over!
Thanks everyone who bought one.

Offer good April 12th through 16th, five days because um half a century!

Welcome to April's Energy Themes
Monthly Energies, Retrogrades

Welcome to April’s Energy Themes

Welcome to April’s Energy Themes!

There’s a call not to get too caught up in what you think it is and that it will be this way. That route is going to tighten up your energy and not feel awesome. You want to go for what’s awesome!


Welcome to April's Energy Themes

You goal this month is to use your momentum that’s going for you. Let it carry you along and not be concerned about the pace of the momentum. Now you are back to the not get too caught up in what you think it is!


It is all about perception and what you make of it.


April Energy Themes Video




It is raining Rx blog here.

You don’t always get where you want right in the first three minutes. But you can keep taking action on it and working towards it. You need to know if you are in it for the long haul or not.

If the answer is no then you need to figure out what the yes it and start using it to what you want. Because there’s a lot going on in the heavens and you want to use the four retrogrades to get where you want.


Use that energy to fuel you and not run you over have a great month!


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It is Raining Retrogrades in April

It is Raining Retrogrades in April

The first thing I thought when I looked at April is…


It is raining retrogrades for my birthday month!




It is Raining Retrogrades in April

That’s a lot of planetary action being set into action in one month.

Ceres an asteroid





All gonna go retrograde. EEK! Eek and more eek! Is what came to mind.

Of course the next step was how can I put this to work for me? What will it do for me? The more you can bring in exploration the more things will make sense and ease can be brought in.

No one wants to be a gelatinous ball of goo and at least not know why or how to fix it.


Ceres is an asteroid and she was the goddess of grain and the harvest in Rome. Cereal comes from here name just in case you were wondering. Relationships and money issues can come up especially if you are not feeling secure with them.


Jupiter the leader of the gods and deals with leadership skills or the lack of them. He can also be petty and temperamental. He can also help you get your head on straight and come up with some cool ideas.


Pluto is the god of the underworld and death. You can feel overshadowed and left behind. Think of this planet like the Tower card. It will break you if you don’t learn how to bend. You want to be an aspen tree with Pluto not a rigid oak. Pluto is one of the more intense change influencers, the goal is to find a way to make this your super power.


Saturn who is the father of the gods bringing to light issues with patriarchy and father type figures. It is also related to self discipline or the avoidance of it. This means get your act together or it is going to fly apart on you if you get lackadaisical.


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A collective video reading

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4 Light Language Transmissions & audios released on the date of the RX for each planet

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Weekly Card Reveal

Everything Changes and it is time

Everything changes…

and it is time for the Weekly Card Reveals to change. It is simply time for me to do them differently so there’s more space to create. They will be public once a month otherwise…


They are going to the email list.


Moving them to the list means more time for me to work on Windows into Worlds Oracle deck. Time to start on a tarot deck that’s been percolating in my brain for a while. The Water Creatures Zine with not enough time to get to it.


There are big projects that need my attention. The truth is that get ignored to go on social media to like and comment. Which is fun but still not time spent on the big projects.

The choice was made to go to once a month out in the real world and the rest of the card reveals will be for my most wonderful list and group peeps.

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In other news


Monday is also the last day to pick up a ShadowLight Reading.


Get your worlds together with Ta’Om the Poet

You are heading into last week of Mercury RX next week. Create time to check in what’s happened and how you handled it. What worked and what didn’t. Make note of what you liked and what you would change.


In April it is going to be raining retrogrades with four planets going into RX. There will be more on that next week.


Now to the Reveal!

Everything changes and it is time

This weeks deck is the Druid Animal Oracle. Mercury Rx & Equinox tips here.

Card 1

What are you ignoring? Stop pushing it to the side and talking you out of what you know. Knowing does not always make rational sense and that’s okay. You need to trust your instincts so when intuition kicks on you use it. Put that knowing to work to guide you. Do you use your intuition or do you dismiss it?

Card 2

How are you giving? There’s giving and then there’s doing yourself in to make everyone happy all the time you excluded of course. You want to give freely and within your means whether that is time, money, goods, etc. Over giving all the time creates a feeling of anger and frustration that’s not enjoyable. Be a balanced giver and remember no is a complete sentence. How do you give and do you feel guilty if you over give?

Card 3
Earth Dragon

Are you working into your full potential? You are always learning and growing and that means your potential is always changing. That means the old potential might not be where it is anymore. Keep checking in with you and make sure you don’t need to tweak what you are working on or where you are headed. Doing a monthly self evaluation or daily card pulls can help you with this. Do you set goals and make them happen? Do you let yourself change your goals as you change?


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Mercury Retrograde & Spring Equinox is here

How’s your Mercury in Retrograde

going so far?


You are about half way through it at this point.

Keep bringing in ease.


Mercury has a liquid lightening to it that can fuel your intuition and creativity if you want it to. In order to utilize that you have to stay with it and find a way to work with Mercury while it is in retrograde. That can be a tricky thing to work out at first.


Keep working with it!


Don’t give up if you don’t get it perfect on your first try.


It took me a bunch of times to get it

worked out for me.


All I knew is I didn’t want to get wiped out for most of the month when this dude hits. Really feeling it pick up a Mercury RX package or reading or both.

Because that’s not all that’s happening this month, nope, there’s also the Vernal Equinox. That’s bringing in a balance of light and dark.


This tends to go two ways.


The first is feeling super balanced and awesome.You know it and are ready to go. The second is feeling what’s not balance in your life.All the spots that don’t have a good balance come to the front and challenge you.

Making you feel overwhelmed.


Toss in the Mercury in retrograde going on at the same time and that’s not a fun place to be. Now the other peeps are digging it, because Mercury is helping them get clear while you feel like a murky mess.


That’s okay! It happens and if you take the time to sift through that murky mess you can learn a lot about yourself.


Here are a few tips to help you with both of them!

Work on bringing the areas that are off kilter into balance. Not sure how to do that?

Book a Shadow Light Reading.

Or join me for the Equinox Ritual on the 20th at 6PM Mountain, 8 PM Eastern. Get your invite here.

Weekly Card Reveal

Mind your words and comprehension of them

Mercury went retrograde on Tuesday!

I knew you’d be excited about it.


Mind your words and your comprehension of others words. Mercury RX makes for miscommunication misfires get clear and ask questions if you are unsure.

Back up your tech and ask for ease are the two things to do right now if you haven’t already.


Check out the Mercury Retrograde package or book a personalized reading to help you stay on top of it.


March Wonderings


Now the Reveal!


Mind your words and comprehension of them

This weeks deck is the Serpent Fire tarot. Missed the Sacral Chakra Tune Up? Get tuned here.

Card 1
The World

How much can you hold? I don’t mean busy work or doing but how much wonder can you hold? This is a call to remember that you are part of the wonder of the Universe. You do belong here as you are stardust. It may feel awkward. You may long to go home. Know that even though you feel this you are here to be part of the wonder this planet needs. How can you see you are part of the solution? What can you do simply by living your wonder to heal?

Card 2
Two of Cups

What is the division of self? Words and understanding need to be brought deeply into you. This miscommunication is starting inside of you. It shows up potentially in how you speak to you, how you treat yourself. If you are communicating a message that is very different form the one you show to the world. You need to look at that and figure out how to close that division of self. How do you speak to yourself and how do you want to be seen? What can you do to heal this division of self?

Card 3
Page of Cups

Can you observe? Your job is to pay attention and observe what ’s going on around and in you. This can feel very passive but know it is an action that is needed. Pause between the creation of and the release of feel the sweet spot in between those two. When you find that sweet spot take it in and make it yours. Let it reside in your heart to grow into what you know it is. Do you stop and look around, watch?


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Get your flow on with Chakras Connected

Get your flow on with Chakras Connected!


It is easy to work on your Chakras as independent individuals.

You work on the root chakra or the throat or whatever one you feel is wonky.


The chakra that’s out of sync gets all the attention. Meanwhile the others are just hanging out waiting for their turn.

Because they don’t work as separate individual entities. They are connected and work in conjunction with each other. Sure they have different function but they function so much better when you create hubs and connections with your chakras instead of working on them only one by one.


Chakras Connected Mini Class

Learn how to create the base of self

Bring the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras together to work with each other. To create security in who you are and trusting that you know what you want!


The triple chambered heart

To create joy, resonance, and love in all you do. Bringing the three centers of the Heart chakras together lets you love freely. It creates a base of self love and compassion that expands out into the Universe.


The Throat, Third Eye and the Crown

Are brought into alignment so you can speak your truth with knowing and compassion. When these three work together you know when to speak and when you are going to waste your breathe. You understand the information that comes to you and can be expansive in how you use and process it.


Creating Chakra hubs

Helps you create short cuts to things like grounding/clearing energy. Feeling love and being willing to give and accept it. Being able to speak up when you need to is empowering.

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Doubt is part of the human experience

Doubt is part of the human experience.


We all have it, remember that when you find yourself doubting.


There are times it is a good thing to have some doubt to encourage you to question yourself and make sure it is what you want. It is another to use it as a weapon against you.

Looking at what you are doing with your life is not a bad thing and doubt can help fuel that. A healthy examination lets you know that you are on track. It can help you identify what needs help and where you want to go.


That’s awesome!

So next time doubt creeps up on you. Take a good look at it and what it is telling you. Look at it as a reminder to check in with you to evaluate the next step.

Here’s a Flip Thru of my last art journal.

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The Reveal!

Doubt is part of the human experience

This weeks deck is the Animalis Os Fortuna. The latest in the Froud’s Faery’s series.


Card 1
The Fool

Are you ready to leap? The Fool is always ready to leap into, he’s not going to stick the toe in to test it. It is all in with him. Look at where you are hemming and hewing. Just gotta test it, check it out one more time for the 80th millionth time. Stop the madness and leap or walk away and find something else to leap for. Are you in your way and how can you get out of it? What if you don’t want it?

Card 2
The Lovers

Can you find it in your heart? Take a minute to get still and slow down, let yourself be quiet. What do you hear or know in that moment? Make a choice to bring in stillness so you can know your signs and your ideas. Both are important. If you never take time to check in with you things get missed. How can being still help you not miss what you need? What is your heart telling you to do?

Card 3
Ace of Swords

Are you using your brain? There are times when you need to feel it and have all the feels about what you are doing. This is not one of them. Bring your brain in for a while and see where it takes you. There are times when you need to bring in logic and intellect to understand or make it out of something. Allow yourself to step back coolly if you need to so you can think it out. Are you reacting instead of responding? Where do you need logic to help you out?


Moon Magick Workshop coming up on March 6th.

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Pallas Retrograde Starts the 18th

Are you ready to foster creativity, initiative, intellect, and planning?


This is what Pallas Retrograde can help you from February 18th to May 30th.


Pallas is an asteroid named after the Goddess Pallas Athena. She’s all about the brain and your intellect. She’s also a good goddess to bring in when working with issues of justice. The blind folded lady with a sword representing justice is based on her.

Pallas RX

What can you do with this asteroid’s retrograde?

Plan it out. Get it all in order with a plan to work from and guide you.

What needs to be rethought out or reworked. This is a good time to do.

Creativity especially using your intellect making it a good time to do research or compile something.

Evaluate existing values in your life and make sure they are still yours.


What to watch out for.


Denying that you need to take time to rework or rethink it. Reevaluating is a process that can bring in new ideas, don’t shove it to the side.

Let the interplay between mind and heart become separate. It may feel like your intellect and heart are at odds if that happens check in. Heart and intellect can work together. Let intellect drive while hte heart navigates.

Emotions may need to take a back seat while Pallas is in retrograde. Use reason to help you with this. If you need to make a plan to deal with it.


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