Monthly Energies

Tie up the Loose Ends! February Energies

Tie up the loose ends to get where you need to go.

February Energies

Let the shifts in Februaries Energy that are happening, happen. You don’t need to get it knotted up and twisted and if it feels that way imagine that knot undoing. Your energy needs to be open and flowing as much as possible.


Tie up the Loose Ends! February Energies

This will lets you step into what you are now. Work towards who you want to be. Feel the enormity of your energy and know it as bold and juicy.


Then take the steps to get where you are going.


If you never finish it up that starts to accumulate in your energy and you don’t want that. It is not a fun place to be. The focus starts to be on what is not done and is not getting done. What’s accomplished gets shoved aside and that’s not cool.

Don’t do that to yourself.

It is not cool!


You are ready. Know it and be it!


Take this reading on the go.

Or Watch it is up to you!


Did you miss last weeks card reveal? Never too late.

What happens is up to you! You create the action steps. It is your choice what gets done or not with Februaries energies.

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Monthly Energies

January Energies -The year is new and full of potential

The year is still new and fresh and full of potentials.

You already made it through a solar eclipse at the new moon.

There’s still a lunar eclipse to look forward to at the full moon.


January Energy Reading

Look at where you want to be or the direction you want to head in. Now is the time to set up the start of that. It is the step up and sure things will change as you step into your potential.

Be ready to be flexible as you move into 2019. Keep your perceptions open and fluid. Don’t lock yourself into one pattern and get stuck there.


Eyes open, present and aware of all the potentials you hold.


January Energies

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