Shadow Light Reading

Where do you need to bring in balance?

How can you use the Equinox to do this?


The Shadow Light reading is geared to help you balance out your light and shadows. To find the path that leads you to empowered self discovery with kindness and compassion.

Are you willing to create with both Shadow and Light?


ShadowLight Reading

Balance is created when you use both shadow and light to create your life. It brings in all of you and all that you hold to use to discover the choices that you hold.

How can you use the Equinox to do this?


The Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes hold the balance of light and dark in equal amounts. It will help you do this in yourself. To know your dark spots and how to work them over the next half a year. Let your Light shine out in all you do to help you keep in touch with your heart and identify your best potentials.

$30.00 ends 3-25-19