Change is a big deal.

How you create those changes in your life is important.

It is so easy to let it happen and you get what you get. You don’t guide or direct it. The change motto ends up shiz happens and you get the default change.


Here’s the thing what if you changed that?

Make a choice, a very conscious choice about how change is showing up in your life?



That’s the type of change that you can direct and guide. It will take you to the places you want to go instead of the one’s you end up at.

That is an empowering place to be no matter where you are in your process. It can be overwhelming to get to that place.


It can be scary.

Clarity doesn’t exist.

Actions are questioned and doubt is where you linger.

Emotional overload and shutdown starts to happen. Old behaviors you don’t like start to surface, yet again. You know the one’s you thought you had got rid of. Truth is they will always pop up in times of extreme duress.

It is in your reaction to them that you know change has happened and been integrated. When you can honor those old behaviors and give them a huge dose of love while freaking out.




You know that your parameters have change.

You have changed and life is better for it.

Getting to that point is work, yes you will need to do the work. It is often not fun as you challenge what you think you are and confront the parts of you that you hide and ignore.

You want to run the opposite direction and things get tight, tense, and you don’t know what to do. Once again you are back that the shutdown.


That’s where I come in.



The process is to create frameworks and ways of integrated being so you can find the ease in change. You feel safe and empowered to step into the change in front of you no matter how huge it is.



Hello there! I’m Beth.

Lover of misspelled words, arcane lore, Eris, Faery,

trees, and cats.


I’m here to help you find ease in change and create the life you want. Change does not have to tie you up in knots and leave you sobbing on the floor with chocolate smeared on your face. When you bring in love, compassion, and willingness, you create your own metamorphosis. This brings the beauty of your soul to the surface. Metamorphosis deals in the natural evolution of you embracing the whole. There is no excising parts of you and works from the premise that you are perfect in your imperfectness.




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