All the changes!

And the feels they bring with them!


They feel too much to handle and you just want to get rid of them, right now. But they keep coming back to pester you. You want to run away from it all, but…



It can be overwhelming to be in the middle of changes that you want and know are good for you. Starting the process of change requires a certain fortitude and courage to keep moving into it. The myriad of emotions that come up as things change.




There are the changes that creep into your life nice and slow. They fly under the radar and work on letting you know hey this needs work. You change whether you work with it or not. You are not a stagnate creature you are always changing.




Then there is the unwanted change. The things you can’t control and they are for the most part out of your hands. You can do your part in them but you didn’t want them. These are the changes that no one wants. Unwanted change is rarely enjoyable.



time. That can be simply getting out of bed or it can be bigger. One of things I know about change is it happens whether you work it or not.


Change will work you over and hand you the end result if you don’t work with it. No, it is not always fun to engage with it and see what’s going on. To create what you want can be scary and you don’t know what the end result will be.


That’s where I come in!


I have done all the types of changes and learned how to use them for the betterment of me and you. I’ve ran from changes as fast I could and in the end found out that I can’t outrun me. All the things I tried avoid where part of me. Run and hide only works for a short while.


Stepping into change feels so wonderful and terrifying. There is an empowerment that comes with this. That willingness to be afraid of what might be and still expand you. This feels so good on the other side and you get what you want with this one. Not always what you expect, but stepping into it creates what you need.


Believe me unwanted changes suck hardcore. My father’s death and my cancer come to mind. These are two of the toughest things I’ve worked with. The first one is long and sustained, grief does’t end in a year. It changes but it will always be there along with the what ifs. This is a slow burning change. It made me more compassionate.


Cancer moves fast once you get a diagnosis, oncology moves you swiftly through processes to save your life. You have to dig deep within to find what you need inside of you. The changes for me started deep within, everything was very internal and there was a lot of it. This process is still happening. I am still figuring out what’s what with me with the initial changes.




Change is a constant companion. Learning how to use it and work with it will take you places you never thought of.

I help you do the same.

So, maybe you can skip a detour and head to the destination you desire.



You learn on the journey there and a large part of change is the journey. The destination also holds wisdom and taking time to figure out you after the change means you don’t slip into defaults as easily. That you know what happened on they way here to become more you.





Hello there! I’m Beth.

Lover of misspelled words, arcane lore, Eris, Faery,

trees, and cats.



I’m here to help you find ease in change and create the life you want. Change does not have to tie you up in knots and leave you sobbing on the floor with chocolate smeared on your face. When you bring in love, compassion, and willingness, you create your own metamorphosis. This brings the beauty of your soul to the surface. Metamorphosis deals in the natural evolution of you embracing the whole. There is no excising parts of you and works from the premise that you are perfect in your imperfectness.




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