2019 Playlist

Music is an important part of my life and experience. It can change your mood, raise your vibe, bring together what dispersed, and so much more. In 2018 I needed to bring music back into my life, somehow I’d fallen away from listening to it as I arted. There was a need for quiet but that need is long past. 

2019 needs even more music to  remind who and where I am. This is the play list based on my Get Crystal for 2019 reading I did for myself. 

The Goal each month create a playlist. 

Here’s my one for 2019 year energies. 

The Fool – Horse and I – Bat For Lashes

 Emperor – Sudden Impact – BAD

Strength – Win- David Bowie

Hermit – Spark – Tori Amos

Tree of Life – Devotion – Lisa Gerrard

Topsie Turvets – Dreaming – Blondie

Ta’Om the Poet – Closer to Your Heart – Clannad

Singer of Transfiguration – Replicate – Fanfarlo

Laiste, Moon’s Daughter – Dreamer – Elizaveta

Lys of the Shadows – Eat Yourself – Goldfrapp

Losgunna – What the Water Gave Me – Florence & the Machine

Faery Guides – Ancient Forest – Calannad

The Journeyman – Body and Soul – Sisters of Mercy

Tobaira of the Waters – Dreams Are Like Water – TMC

Undressing a Salad – A Garland of Breath – Vas

The Faun – Feel Good Inc. – Gorrillaz

Friends – Constellation of the Heart – Kate Bush

The Faery Godmother – Shadow Magnet – Lisa Gerrard

Abundnace – Show Me – Ofra Haza

Other energies to pull in…

Bright As Yellow – Innocence Mission

Adi Shakti – Mantra Girl

Umbilical – Mazzy Star

Rabbit Heart (Raise it up) Florence & the Machine

Of Longing and Otherness – Hannah Fury

Short Change Hero – The Heavy

As We Could Ever – His Name is Alive

Of Water Wiverings – In Gowan Rings

It Could Be Sunshine – Love & Rockets