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23 Mystic Tips

Do you love simple and easy. Don’t want to spend an hour gathering your spiritual paraphernalia? Crave the uncomplicated? Then this is for you. I put together my top 23 Tips To Explore And Engage Your Inner Mystic. My tips are uncomplicated and most just require you and some time.


23 Mystic Tips

I know the reasons, the excuses because I have uttered most of them. No time, too busy, it’s too much effort. I have to do what do that ritual? You know what happens next? Nothing. You don’t start or you make a halfhearted attempt for a couple of days. You felt what your spiritual practice might be, but life got in the way that hour of meditation.


If you can enjoy the sunshine, smile at a stranger, well you can do my tips. Pick a couple to try and practice on a daily basis. Start small with a few tips that speak to you. There is no need to stress yourself out and if you do start to stress go directly to Tip 23 Be a Fool.


Once you start connecting I bet you will want to keep going. Being secure in yourself is a luscious feeling. Give it a try and find out how simple can change you.


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