5 Tarot Spreads you Can't Live Without

5 Tarot Spreads you Can’t Live Without

Want to know what my most used tarot spreads are?


Then pick up 5 Tarot Spreads you can’t live without. These are the spreads I use all the time. You can use them with tarot and oracle cards and get good results. If you want to have some fun pull out playing cards and use them!


5 Tarot Spreads you Can't Live Without

I am big believer in quick and easy.

There’s a lot going on in life and who has time for a 13 carder when you need to get back on track quickly or need guidance pronto.



What do you get?

The 3 Card Weekly Spread is used every week to help me navigate my week good or challenging. It was life changing when I started doing it.


Money Snap Shot helps you keep your money mindset on track when you need a course correction or a boost in it.

Mercury Rx happens three to four times a year and it can really help to kwon what is going to show up for you.


The Two Carder gives you quick info about a situation. Remember just because it isn’t what you want that doesn’t make it wrong.

Eclipse Spreads for the Lunar and Solar help you know how to create magick from the intensity they can bring to life.


These are the spreads I use over and over because they work and don’t take huge time commitments to do. Short and quick fit into a busy life. It also gives you more time to spend on implementing what you learned from your reading.


Pick them up now!


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