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5 Things About Me Part Two

5 Things About Me Part Two


Hello there.

I’m Beth if you haven’t figured that out already.


A long time ago not I did a 5 things about me Post and that’s been ages and ages ago now. It is time for 5 Things About Me Part Two!


5 Things About Me Part Two

I’m a Slytherin!

When I took the sorting test for Harry Potter I got put in Slytherin which at first I didn’t want. They have some horrible tendencies and I was avoiding working with Snake at the time too. After much thinking on this I realized that there’s a lot of Slytherin in me.


When I was a kid if you weren’t in the room with me and I wanted a look. I’d take a good look at where everything was before picking it up. So I could set it back where I found it. Dust marks I paid attention to them, placement and all of it. Devious in a quiet kind of way that is me.



Elves with long blonde hair!

Sighs, they are so dreamy!

5 Things About Me Part Two

Haldir! Be still my beating heart!

Something about the hair, the ears, that I like. Haven’t really pinpointed why yet. Except for Legolas, not so keen on him. Lucius Malfoy gets put in here too even though he is not an elf. That long hair he flips around, horrid person but very pretty in the Harry Potter Movies.


A friend over at Gate World put glasses on Lucius Malfoy

for me to use as an avatar.

Spelled that as Luscious Malfoy the first time.

5 Things About Me Part Two

Still Looking for Hidden Worlds

I am still looking at the back of wardrobes and closets trying to find my way to secret worlds. Seriously I am. There is hope of crossing over into a different world! Narnia instilled this in me the first time it was read along with several other books whose titles I don’t remember. Peek in the back and find out what’s there.


I like to reread books


One year I read all my Robert Crais books three times. There’s about twenty of them. It was too much to read anything new the year after Dad died. Read them through once and started over immediately. Took my time on the next reread. They are fun to read and don’t take a ton of brain power to enjoy. I didn’t read any new books that year. New plots lines, ugh! It was way too much.

Rereading is also part of literacy which tends to get lost for adults. I reread a lot because you always get something different with each reading.


5 Things About Me Part Two

I sympathize with the Sith more then the Jedi.

The Jedi are super rigid and have more absolutes that the Sith do. Seems to me the Sith planned better, adapted the plans better, and have more patience and flexibility than Jedi. The Jedi spend all their time repressing their emotions and needs which is not healthy. They tipped too far into being the good guys and struggled when it went all gray and sideways. This is probably why I got sorted into Slytherin. I like the gray areas.


The Emperor’s mistake was threatening Darth Vader’s family. My theory is it was still the one thing he cared about. Convert Luke great, kill Luke not so much.


This 5 things about me part two turned into the

Fantasy and SciFi edition.



5 things you may not know about me.
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