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A Connection With Self

A Connection With Self


Having a connection with self can be extremely helpful when embarking on any form of spiritual journey, such as life. What is this connection? It is letting you explore what’s inside of you. A not backing down when you don’t like your behavior or a pattern but a willingness to sit with it and say hey this needs to change. It is also the willingness to tell yourself that you are doing an awesome job.


There is no one way to connect to you. Everyone is different and that means your connection details will be different from mine. There are general themes that are useful for getting started or going deeper. Techniques can go deeper the second, third or hundredth time round, so keep playing with your connections methods.


Sit with your emotions. This means not shoving aside, stuffing down, or avoiding them. It simply is feeling what is happening emotionally right now. This is not always fun but the reward is great and helps to work out things that you may want to change.


A Connection With Self

Sometimes “weakness” is also an asset.


Life is not always straight forward so why should out strengths and weaknesses be. There are times that what can be perceived as a weakness is also a great strength, don’t dismiss what you think is “weak or wrong” with you. My ability to put myself in someone else’s shoes and get where they are at is a strength. It can also be a weakness because I feel and know what someone else is going through so well. That I deny my experience and ignore my needs and emotions.


Stillness. Everyone has monkey mind and no you are not meditating wrong. Being still and quiet in the the maelstrom of being over connected is a good thing. Take time to meditate, relax, breathe, and just chill.


Exercise gets you out of the mind and into the body. That’s a good thing especially if you don’t like to sit with emotions. More than one run or walk has been fueled by a need to sit with an emotion and feel it and eventually you need to ground and clear it out. Exercise is a great grounder and balancer. It does not have to be some insane uber hard workout. A simple walk or even relaxation yoga is awesome.


Journal and Art it out. I’ve been arting it more than writing it out right now but gods it helps so much. Keeping a written account of your spiritual journey can reveal trends and motifs in you life. I keep getting eggs while doing path working we are talking decades here. If I didn’t keep a written account I’d never have remembered all those eggs. Art can heal if that is where your inclination is. I’d also through in performing arts they let you emote and in this digital age it’s easy to film you doing it.


Laughter! When it all sucks see the absurdity of it and laugh. Laughter connects and heals you. You can laugh and cry at the same time if you need to. I just remember Alba who I worked with at Sizzler say “I have to laugh or I’d cry.” That has stuck with me because sometimes we need to laugh more than cry. Especially when moving out of a funk.


Tarot or Oracle cards. I do what I call a weekly forecast for myself. I pull three cards and set them out for the week. I tend to also do a weekend forecast. I don’t know how many times this has helped me through the week. It can be surprisingly powerful. They are also a nice way to change the energy of your week if you need to. They can help you realize themes in your life one of mine is slowdown.


Some of these may seem like they aren’t a direct connection to self but getting in the back door of the psyche works just as well as the front door. Sometimes better. Like all relationships yours with you will change as you change.Get out there and enjoy the sunshine but once the sun sets take a time to get to a different layer of Beltane and well if you are in the Southern Hemisphere have fun with your Hallows celebration.


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