About Beth

Can you imagine leaping into the unknown?


Feeling so supported you know all is right.


The wonders you could create in your life with that leap.

To have the courage to trust you, to trust intuition, and the heart to steer you to safe harbor. This is in you.


It is time to leap.

Hello there my name is Beth!


About Beth


I work with the arcane and the unseen to create change. I am my greatest experiment all that I do here has been used by me, on me, to morph, to create flow, and grace in my life. To find the balance in the Void where Heart and Will are one. At-One-Ment.


What empowers creates compassion for the self and that expands out to infinity.


There was a point when I realized all I could do was change me. The fact is all anyone can do is change themselves. You can run, you can try to hide what is welling up in you, but, the truth is you can’t. It will still be there.


You can’t run because it is part of you.


What would it be like to let your heart guide you?
To know which desires are truly yours.


Let Will be expansive with Love and joined in the Heart.


You can change, you are a mutable creature. No one is a static being that has only one potential to live. You are mutable. You can try on the myriad of potentials that interest you.


Experimenting is part of change, it is the Alchemy of the Soul.


Morphing can terrify, stop you in your tracks. It leads to strange territory, the unexplored areas of self. You can learn to breathe excitement into fear as you explore the terrain of your Soul. You can be empowered and move from Heart.


Create Love in all you touch.


There are choices to know, to see, taste, feel. To live.

Life is filled with choices, we make so many we don’t stop to even think about them. But, when you stop and think and make those choices from a place of knowing and presence, that’s when metamorphosis starts to become magick.

This work goes deep, it travels far into the unknown and at times you need someone else to help you see the path, to find the bread crumbs, and guidance to create a metamorphosis.


That’s where I come in.


I work from my Heart and base all I do in Love. A couple years ago I decided I did not like who I was turning into. The path I was on, headed towards a bitter and angry woman. One thing I knew was that I did not want to be her and once in, it would be so much harder to climb out.


So I did the only thing I could do and changed me. This reconnected me to being a…


Witch, Artist, Magician, Catalyst, Alchemist, Infinite

I work with tarot and oracle cards because I love symbols. The human mind adores symbols, it connects on a Soul level. They carry cultural and personal meaning. Symbols provide a framework for you to use on a subconscious and conscious level.

Don’t be surprised if I reference fiction. Yoda and Luke are one of my favorite modern myths, as is Star Trek, Stargate, Harry Potter along with all that arcane lore I love so much.

Spirituality morphs. Myth creation along with new symbols is still happening. I love that dynamic.

I dare you to ask me about my theory why the Jedi aren’t balanced. Dare you!