About Beth

Hey there! My name is Beth.


Cancer shook my world in 2021. It was one of the most terrifying and it turns out powerful things that has ever happened to me. So much is out of your control and you have to Trust. You really have to dig deep and Trust the strangers who know what to do. The Trust you need to have in yourself is an even deeper well.


I learned to listen even more to my body and to my Allies. The dive into trust is so deep when you have cancer. I had to trust well trained people who I did not know. Because that’s all you can do. The choice of live or die is where you are at. Living is what I wanted so I trusted.


As I gained more hemoglobin and could think again what I realized was this. My practices didn’t fail me. They changed, yes. Pain and lack of red blood cells had me stuck in bed feeling that my practices were gone.


What I know now is they didn’t fail. They were diverse enough that I had spiritual practices that held up. I could listen and ask questions of my Allies. My spiritual practices answered and held up in a really challenging point in time.


What I already knew is this…


There is no running away and if you let fear take over it will eat at you till there is nothing left. But that one emotion. You have to find ways to thrive because there is only one choice if you want to live.

It brought home that this was one more change to step into. A change to explore and work with. Fear dropped away because what else is there once you body tries to kill you? Not much!


You can’t run because it is part of you.

Beth with scarf on and a different space background.

I am a

Witch, Artist, Magician, Catalyst, Alchemist, Infinite

I work with tarot and oracle cards because I love symbols. The human mind adores symbols, it connects on a Soul level. They carry cultural and personal meaning. Symbols provide a framework for you to use on a subconscious and conscious level.

Don’t be surprised if I reference fiction. Yoda and Luke are one of my favorite modern myths, as is Star Trek and Stargate along with all that arcane lore I love so much.

Spirituality morphs. Myth creation along with new symbols is still happening. I love that dynamic.

I dare you to ask me about my theory why the Jedi aren’t balanced. Dare you!