Affirmation Decks

Hand painted affirmation decks await their forever home!


Give them the love they need to take on a life of their own! Let them guide you on the way to self love and self care. Creating energy flows that bring in happy tidings and soothing vibes.


Your deck will know what you need a big hug and a blankie or a kick in the bum!


I know mine does. My deck prods and cajoles when I need it, all while reminding me to take care of myself.


Give a hand painted deck a forever home and change your life.


Making them changed mine.


I have 5 up for sale and a limited supply in stock because I am not making anymore. This craze has passed and other insanities have taken its place.


When you buy a hand panted affirmation deck you are buying 20 plus little paintings with an uplifting saying on it. Each is unique as the people who buy them. No two are the same.


Ready to give a hand painted deck a forever home.


Deck one


Deck two

Deck three

Deck Four


Deck five

All decks are $100.00 plus shipping.

International peeps message me about shipping.

Yes, I have the very unimaginative number naming system, keeping it super simple.