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Amethyst Angel Reading

Amethyst Angel Reading


This reading was inspired by the Heart and Soul angel deck. I was looking up a meaning of a card and bam. There was a reading hide in there. Over the past few weeks I’ve been playing around with it and it has delivered some extremely powerful messages. Thanks Angels for reminding me the key to all energy work is um, yeah exercise. How do I get what I want? Move my body.


Amethyst Angel Reading

The idea behind this reading is how do we move out of energies that aren’t helping you and/or to transmute energy into what you need it to be. There is an empowerment that comes with the willingness to let change in to work on us. And yes I’ve been getting my movement in by recommitting to my Kundalini yoga practice.


I’ve been having a lot of fun with this reading and really like how it works. You can play around with it or book one with me, either way enjoy.

I asked for a sample reading for this, so if it resonates use the info!



Core card: This is you

Horus Cosmic Gate way

You are empowered and need to more fully trust yourself. Listen to your intuition and know that you are connected. Pay attention to what your crown chakra is doing because that’s really important.

Thought Prompt
Where I am I denying my own connections and how can I bring in trust

Transmutation of Dark Energy

This is where we start to look at what needs to change and be transmuted.

Lady Portia – Divine Order

How are you moving out of current energies that you feel are keeping you stuck? This feels like a call to see the opportunities that are coming your way. If you keep staying in this energy of stuck you will miss them. Your job is to see what is coming your way.

Thought Prompt
What are you ignoring?

Deep Violet
Physical Wholeness

Here we bring in the body and what needs to happen here to transmute energy.

Djawal Khul – Karma Unfolding

Time to make the physical expression of the spiritual you. Bring in self care and movement that fosters your spiritual leanings. Get active to let your life unfold how you need it to. Part of this is spiritual practice and letting your body be part of that.

Thought Prompt
Where do you need to bring physical movement into your life? How can this be a spiritual practice?

Cleanse and Open the Heart

What needs to happen so you can release sorrow and fear and be wide open?

Faith – Humanity and Benevolence

You need to see the good in yourself. It is time to realize the bright flame that you are and let it shine out. It will heal your heart and help you heal others in your life. Time to remember how wonderful you are.

Thought Prompt
How do you talk to yourself? Do you talk to you in a loving way?

Silver Violet
Spirit Vibration

What’s your vibe and how to raise it!

Archangel Michel

Time to trust in the process and know this dude is working for you. He’s helping you work on all the above and especially opening yoru heart so you can live life to its fullest and funnest.

Thought Prompt
How can AA Michael help you trust the process?


This is the outcome.

Diana – Focused Intention

What happens when you let all the about start to work for you? You get more focused and zeroed in on what you truly want to do. You stop questioning every move and start working on projects and taking action in your life. This is a really lovely card to end on. You got this.


Shadow Light Reading

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