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Are Shoulding All Over Yourself? – Card Reveal

Have you ever sighed and said to you, “I should do that.” Then wholeheartedly went on to talk you out doing the SHOULD. Because when it comes down to the should you do not want to do and just might never get around to it.


Should takes up energy that can be used for the things you really want to do. That project that makes you feel really super awesome and interested in it. Should is an energy and time suck as you spend loads of time thinking about doing it. I call this Shoulding. Shoulding all the time sucks.


Are Shoulding All Over Yourself? - Card Reveal

Ask why you think you should do it. Did someone tell you you should do this get to get < insert answer here >? You took it to heart and started shoulding it because it never felt right. But you know you should do it because so and so said to do it.


Hours later you are still shoulding….


Granted there are shoulds that need to be worked out such I should brush my teeth, pay a bill, etc. Long term projects how go through a phase of being sick of it and it can feel very shoulding for a period of time. These are the ones you can work with or around.



Something that never gets out of the

should stage needs some hardcore evaluation!


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Are Shoulding All Over Yourself? - Card RevealThat’s part of my yard.

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Are Shoulding All Over Yourself? - Card Reveal

This week’s Piles are The NightSun Tarot and Window into World Oracle.

Pile One
7 of Swords and Empowered

You tried fake it until you make but all you felt was that you were still feel like an imposter. You still feel the fake but not the make. Take a step into empowered by stopping the fake it part and jumping into the make it part. You are already enough to do what you need to. We all want what you are not what you think you should be. Why do you think you aren’t it already?


Are Shoulding All Over Yourself? - Card Reveal

Pile Two
3 of Pentacles & Growth Cycles

What have you named Stuck or Block? Those are two common names we give things that feel like they aren’t going anywhere. Growth Cycles reminds you that just because it FEELS like nothing is moving it may just be in a phase that is glacially slow. Let yourself enjoy this moment and see it as part of a foundation you need. What has you frustrated?


Are Shoulding All Over Yourself? - Card Reveal

Pile Three
2 of Swords and Flow

This or that, that or this, you can only see two choices at this time. So you keep analyzing those choices over and over. Meanwhile nothing is getting decided and other potentials are showing up but you are not seeing them. Bring some flow into all let go of what you think it should be and open up to different potentials. Are you stuck in a choice, how can flow open it up?


Are Shoulding All Over Yourself? - Card Reveal