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Are you an over thinker? Card Reveal

I don’t know about you but I am an over thinker.

I’ll think it into the ground and then think about it some more. It is part of who I am.


But it also can get in the way.

Sometimes you just have to get it done.


Are you an over thinker? Card Reveal

Over thinking doesn’t get things done it can stall them. The conclusion is that it is part of perfectionism. Needing to know more and find the best way to get it done.


That way it will be soooo perfect.

But since it never got done it is nothing but a thought still.


Research, thinking, and planning all have their place. As long as they aren’t stopping you from getting it done.


Now The Reveal!


Are you an over thinker? Card Reveal

Piles are The Enchanted Map and Gateway Oracle

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Pile One
Intention and Believing in Magic

You get to define what this is for you. You don’t have to use a definition that doesn’t work for you, you get to define your life. That includes your magick and how you work with intention. Make this very personal and not something that’s vaguely understood because the parameters don’t work for you. Do you work from your own definitions in what you do? How can trying to work like someone else hinder?


Are you an over thinker? Card Reveal

Pile Two
Flying and Flying Free

Fly!! Just do it and don’t think too much about how you will do it. Sometimes you simply have to fly and launch yourself into the unknown. You can play it safe and hold back or you can find out what happens when you move out of the comfort zone. Expanding that zone means you get more space to be you. Do you see this as courage? Where do you need to create more space?


Are you an over thinker? Card Reveal

And yes I did laugh when I saw this pairing. It was not planned at all.

Pile Three
Unexpected Visitors and Healing the Past


Do you have ancestors showing up and you are not sure what to do with them? There’s a lot them coming up to work with people right now. Most of them want to start healing the wounds of the past that are still playing out today. Start out with a small shrine or setting out a meal or drink for them. See what they have to say to you. If you don’t like them you can tell them to move on and choose to work with a different ancestor. You don’t have to work with everything that shows up. What new Ancestors heave shown up? How do you want to interact with them? Do they have the highest good in mind?


Are you an over thinker? Card Reveal

Affirmation Card
How do you define this?

Are you an over thinker? Card Reveal

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