Card Reveal

Are you willing to pay attention? Card Reveal

Are you willing to pay attention?

Mindfulness means paying attention to what you feel and the emotions that are in the body, not just the mind. Where are your emotions hanging out? Look for the good and the challenging in the body, joy is in there with all the other emotions.


Are you willing to pay attention? Card Reveal

This Weeks decks are The Fallen Angels Oracle, Windows into Worlds Oracle deck, and Handmade Affirmation cards.


Pile One
Orias – Inspiration, Money Grows on Trees, and Angel


Are you willing to pay attention? Card Reveal

Where are you feeling inspired? Pay attention to your thoughts on money this week. Don’t judge them simply observe the money stories you tell yourself and other people. You may need to get inspired so you can change that script in your head. A simple a I choose not to buy it feels much different then I can’t afford it. Not having enough money may be part of the choice but it will feel better for it being well thought out. Use your Angels and Guides to help you with this. What are your money stories? Do you like them?


Pile Two
Naberius – Completion, I am Magick, and Faery Ally


Are you willing to pay attention? Card Reveal

Is it complete? Something can be complete and imperfect, take a minute to think about how that plays out for you? It can be imperfect and finished! You can’t hold onto everything that is not perfect in your life because you will not label it complete due to imperfection. This will stifle your magick under a pile of imperfect but completed projects. Use your Faery Allies to help you work this out and unbury yourself. Where does perfection stifle and stall you? How can imperfect be your super power?


Pile 3
Leraje – Moderation, I am Empowered, and Flow


Are you willing to pay attention? Card Reveal

What thoughts need some moderation? Can you take a more moderate view on yourself? Find the middle ground between suck and super awesome? I know I spend a lot of time in the middle ground of good enough and not at the extreme ends. It can be very empowering to be yeah I got this flow of moderate energy that’s getting thing done and feels pretty good. Let yourself be in the middle and let it empower you. Do you think in extremes? How does being in the middle make you feel?


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