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Art and Play

Art and Play

Over the past couple of years I have realized how much being creative connects me to the divine. It keeps me linked up and in sync with the energies and creatures that I work with. Art is something that allows me to understand how I create and how I receive information. It has taught me I don’t procrastinate like I thought I did, those long breaks are part of my process. Art helped me know that.


More and more the aspect of play has started emerging in what I create. And not just in the informal spaces of the art journal. I find that even the real art has this sense of play coming into it which lets me create and know that it can be changed if I want to. It is not a stagnate plan that allows for very little freedom within that process.

Art and Play

The more I create with this aspect of play the more it spills over into daily life and the spiritual life. The more I play with this the more things just come to me. Part of this is being able to see that it is there in front of my face, presence and awareness are huge in this knowing. Without them even the loudest Guide will not be heard.


I keep asking myself how can I play more? How can I bring it into all that I do? It is such a huge part of me at this point in time. Letting go of outcomes and a willingness to embrace what shows up instead has been so wonderful instead of missing it because it showed up in a way that I never thought it would. This is also why I chose my first “real” art class to revolve around play as it is right smack dab where I am at right now. How can I share this with you all.


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