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Art Supplies & Getting Honest with Myself

Nothing is more then getting new art supplies! Okay, getting a new deck is up there too. For the holidays I treated myself to a bunch of watercolors and some other stuff. Exploration started almost immediately after I filmed the haul.


Art Supplies & Getting Honest with Myself

One might think paint is paint but watercolors are all different. No two brands are exactly alike in how they react on the paper. Acrylics differ too but not as much as watercolors. You have to get know the brands you work with.

Really loving the Sennlier palette I got and the Winsor Newton Watercolor markers. They are going to get a lot of use, can feel it already.


Find out what all I got!


Get Compassionate Honesty

Honesty is this week’s Froud’s Faerys Oracle card. This card tripped me up for the longest time. It kept showing up and I’d whine about how I am being honest with myself.

But the truth is I was only picking the negative story to believe. Which was not being truly honest with me, it just wasn’t. It took Honest several months to get the message to me.


Art Supplies & Getting Honest with Myself

It felt like a super big revelation, yet again, about how I am more willing to pick out the bad part of my story and run with that. Old bad habits are hard to break. So, now I make a point to remind me of all the wonderful and awesome I hold.


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Art Supplies & Getting Honest with Myself


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