Be Present, See the Signs - Card Reveal
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Be Present, See the Signs – Card Reveal

Be Present!


If you aren’t you can miss a lot of good things! When you are elsewhere and not paying attention you don’t get the message in front of you. You miss those synchronicities coming to you. Which is a bummer!


They may or may not be sent again but if you aren’t here and now you will keep missing them. This year has started out with several big ones for me. Paying attention let me see them.


Reframe is a BIG one. It keeps coming in various forms. There are many ways Reframe is showing up and on several levels. All I have to do is find what I want to Reframe.


Be Present, See the Signs - Card Reveal

The smaller more personal one revolves around Thrive. It started with the question of what if I didn’t need to keep being resilient. What if I was allowed to Thrive?


Being resilient takes a lot of energy. while I remain being resilient, but it is something I’ve had to do since I was 12. I am really sick of it. Thrive is the energy I am aiming myself at this year.


All this gets filter through the word of the year which is Gentle. Because I need to heal and deal with cancer and all the fun it bring. Marshmallow energy is big for this year.


Spell Board Mini Class

Want to know how I engage with energies check out this quick and easy collage mini class.


And Now the Reveal!

Be Present, See the Signs - Card Reveal

This week’s piles are The Morgan Greer Tarot & Tarot of Dreams.

Pile One
10 of Wands and 9 of Swords

The feel here is you just keep picking up one more thing to do and adding it to an already overloaded you. All this does is torture you and make it feel like you can’t get anything done. Time to start saying no to most things. It is not the time to keep adding to your pile. Where are you boundaries?

Be Present, See the Signs - Card Reveal

Pile Two
Wheel of Fortune and the Palace of Cups

Water wheels keep things going and flowing. You want to bring that flow aspect. That means paying attention to what’s feeling easy in life and flowing with it for a while. The past of least resistance is still work. Don’t pretend everything has to be horrid or hard for it to count. What feels easy right now and how is that good?

Be Present, See the Signs - Card Reveal

Pile three
7 of Cups and 6 of Coins

This has the feel of frittering away money and telling yourself its all okey dokey because it is for self care or whatever the reason. There are times retail therapy feels real good. But if that’s your main way of feeling better maybe it is time to branch out into something that costs nothing. There are lots of self care items that are free like taking a nap or using items you already have. What has become a default for you and is it really working out?

Be Present, See the Signs - Card Reveal


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