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Be the Solution even when overwhelmed! – Card Reveal

Be the Solution even when overwhelmed!


Sometimes I don’t know what to write for these. Especially when there is so much more going on then there was when normal was already overwhelming. Then it got more so.


Overwhelm, anxiety, freaked out, calm, prepared, worried, making space for people in the energy field, listening to the stone man move around are all things that keep cycling through me.

Be the Solution even when overwhelmed!

When it comes down to it what worries me most are my immune compromised friends who feel like they will be dead by the end of this virus. What I know is that I can stay away from them and keep my germs. I also know I can validate that they feel death closely right now and don’t want to die.


Today’s Piles are the Night Sun Tarot and Goddess Tiles


Pile One
Knight of Wands and Kwan Yin

Get it done and be compassionate while doing so. There’s no need to punish yourself for not getting enough done. Simply no need to do this. You will get more done if you allow yourself to have super duper productive days and extremely unproductive days. They both have their place in the creative flow of getting something done. Are you hard on yourself when you don’t get enough done? How can you see how much has been accomplished?



Pile Two
The Tower and Kali Ma

Yep! Are you ready? There’s a bunch of change on your doorstep right now and it is big fracking change. What needs a great big shake up in you life? Now is the time to start shaking and find out what falls off. Take look at what falls off and really make sure that you need it or not. If not let it go and move on. If you feel you need it then look at what needs to change so it can be part of you. It may simply be as easy and being nice to that part of you. What is starting to fall apart? How does that feel? Where can you be part of the process?


Be the Solution even when overwhelmed!

Pile Three
King of Wands and Grandmother Toad

It may feel like you just woke up to something in your life. That bam one day it showed up all fired up and ready to go. Good chance it is part of something you are working on but there’s also a good chance you think it isn’t. Either way let it start to unfold and see what’s in this energy. It may be more connected then you think it is. Explore it, play with it, and let it guide you. Where do you ignore new ideas? How can you use them even if you can’t figure out where it fits?


Be the Solution even when overwhelmed!

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