Be where you are right now!
Weekly Card Reveal

Be where you are right now! Card Reveal

Be where you are right now!


There’s the tendency to want to keep up with what

you used to do with ease.


Now that feels like a struggle and you are failing at it.


You are NOT Failing.


Life has changed and so have you. That means you need to be where you are right now! It keeps showing up to remind me to go with it and not use force t make it happen. If you have having a shit day, you are having a shit day. It may get better but scale it back where you can.


Be where you are right now!

I know scaling back is a luxury not everyone gets. There is no scaling back in food service unless it is slow, you get what you get and you deal with it. You do your best that night and sometimes the kitchen crashes. There’s now five planets retrograde, we started with six. You many be feeling them too.


If you can avoid the crash!!!

And be where you are today!


Here’s what I did for summer solstice with my musing on it.



I’ll see you on Friday, July 10th with the next card reveal.
Taking some time to chill.

Now the Reveal!


Be where you are right now!

This week’s piles are! Angelarium, Windows into Worlds,

and Handmade Affirmation deck

Pile One
Angel, Shelegiel – Angel of Snow, & I am Abundant


Is forcing it working for you? Take a good look at any place you are making it happen by the use of force. This is not taking action steps to get to a place it is taking a hammer and making it fit. Good chance things aren’t feeling so awesome right now because of that. Can you back off and find other ways to “make it work”? How do you use force to make it happen? How can this be harmful?


Be where you are right now!

Pile Two
Play, Azarael – Angel of Death, & Soaring Soul

I can hear you thinking what?! Play and Death!! The changes that Azarael brings is already here. Seriously you are in the middle of it right now. Don’t worry about what’s already in process start consciously doing the work. Right now that work is finding play and letting your soul be free to soar. Are you ignoring the change in process? How can you be come an active participant in it? Where does play come into it?


Be where you are right now!

Pile Three
Perspective, Chesed, Right Hand Path, Empathy, & I am Empowered


Check in with how you are viewing things. It can be easy to fall into default mode here and not do any critical thinking or put yourself in another’s shoes. Sometimes you need to put what you KNOW on its head so you can see what is there. You want to see what’s different from that aspect of it. If you already have this as a super power make sure you aren’t over empathizing and putting them before yourself all the time. How is perspective showing up in your life? Where do you need to improve it or do you need to step back from it?


Be where you are right now!

Music Affirmation Card

Life is moving fast right now, don’t let it mow you over. Remember Ferris Bueller.

Be where you are right now!

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