Beauty is in the Points of Transition
Monthly Energies

Beauty is in the Points of Transition

Beauty is in points of transition.

Where there’s a potential that remains undefined.


You may have an idea about that potential but that’s it. There is room for grow and discovery about it.

That’s exciting!


Beauty is in the Points of Transition

The act of creation and opening up to the potential you create through you action and choices is thrilling. It is something that should be relished, especially the unknown aspects.

Let of of the need to know it all before you create it. That can stifle what you looking for. You might not know what it is until it starts to form and take shape out your actions.


Beauty is in the Points of Transition

Let your life have room for unknown potential and find out where it takes you.


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December Energy Forecast

Ways to create broad strokes to invite potential in for the year or decade are…

Word of the year and/or decade.

My word for 2020 is Shift. There’s a lot that needs to move around and shift around and into. It feels good and full of unknown potential. For the decade it is Fecundity. Bringing in what I need in a holistic manner.

Both hold a ton of that unknown potential! I strive not to control how they show or get stuck in how I want it. Sometimes I do really good and others times not so good. My best is all I have, so imperfect is better then nothing.


Spell or Visions Boards.

I’ve made several of them over the years in various forms. My favorite and most easy way is to take the cardboard calendar insert and collage onto it what I want int my life. Here’s the last one I made. There’s also a class on how to make one that’s part of Illuminate & Activate 2020.


Beauty is in the Points of Transition


Purple and Aqua are my two main color energies. Purple any form of purple is my favorite color and I use it whenever I can making art or social media pictures.

The great thing about color is you can wear it to help you be the energy those colors hold for you. I’ll often wear green when my heart chakra needs support or I want to be more heart centered.



Is another easy way to bring in energy. A few years ago Win by David Bowie was my theme song. It was stuck in my head for that year. Big God by Florence and the Machine’s on repeat right now. There’s something form that song that is teaching me and helping me learn from.


Have a wonderful holiday season! May you be blessed with love and abundance.


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