Word of the Year

Beauty: Word of the Year 2017

Beauty: Word of the Year 2017


I start auditioning words in September. It may sound crazy but I feel like if I am going to bring in an energy I want to bring in the right one for the year. Yeah I know I could switch words but that feels like I’m bailing on the lessons I need from that word. Frankly those lessons have been really good ones that I’ve needed and brought some really good energies and stuffs into my life.


The word of the year for me has become a framework that I use in my life and my business. It helps me work on all levels where I need to. That framework really came to the forefront when my word for the year was love. It kept me bringing everything back to the heart and moving from love.


Beauty: Word of the Year 2017

Love and the Hierophant was all about integration and integrating the lessons from Death and the word Forward.


Heal my word for 2016 kept in mind there were some huge life changes that I needed to take time to heal from and paired with the Lovers it’s been a good match. Healing and the Lovers reminding me to make the choice of love even while in the midst of mourning. You can have some really crappy emotions and still move from the heart and love.



Beauty is my word for 2017.


The word needed to be one to help me work with the momentum of the Chariot. I plan on using that momentum but there is a need to bring in an energy that reminds not to run myself or others over. You never really know what the Word or your Card of the year will bring you.


Using the Tarot card and the word together has become part of my spiritual practice it helps me identify themes much faster and takes my knowledge of self and tarot deeper.


Do you have a word for the year?



Heal: Word of the Year 2016

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