Behind the scenes! What’s in the works.

Behind the scenes!

What’s in the works.


I love knowing what’s happening behind the scenes of just about anything, so here’s a little update to let you know what’s going on behind the scenes here.


Behind the scenes! What's in the works.

The 4 Elements class is getting it’s art back. The original had create a piece of art along with two meditations and an exercise, plus journal prompts. It was way too much to shove into one week. When it ran I kept trying to figure out what it was missing, yep it was the art. Part of it is art is integral to my path and spirituality. Much of my processing is done by creating art and I want to share that with you by adding in a week of art in between the Elements.


The Metamorphosis grid. This is an idea suggested by my guides of creating a grid to help others transform their lives using a layered sacred geometry technique that I am currently playing with. More on this when it gets closer. Now the Heart Light Transmission Group.


A collage class is in the works. The focus being on creating your own collage elements. This is going to range from image transfers, acrylic skins, colored papers and a bunch of really fun classes. This is really still in the beginning phase of conception and has yet to leap from mind to being.


Tarot and Oracle card readings are still going on and still helping people make the changes they need to be empowered and loving in their lives. I am working on a Fallen Angels and Akashic records reading. The Fallen Angels are very excited about this collaboration.


Check it out, check it out! Coming soon Monthly Monday Download starts March 14th and will go out second Monday of every month.


That’s what’s going on behind the scenes other than videos, readings, and blogging. <3


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