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Beltane: Wheel of the Year



I often feel like Beltane is under utilized in terms of path working and connecting with the “other side.” The veils are thin but mostly we dance the May Pole and have a good time, which is awesome but once all that is done… You don’t see as much talk about the depths that can be reached this time of year like you do with Samhain.

Beltane: Wheel of the Year

As my practice has become a solitary one I try to find traditions that mark the year and holidays in a manner that suits me. I’ve started to take Beltane as a time to connect and reach out to those who want to work with me. This is the time of year as the veil is thin that I like to cross over and go seeking the fecundity of spring in the Underworld and the inner landscapes.


It is also a time to leave offerings and libations for the Fae and anyone else you work with. Traditional offerings often include wine, mead, whiskey, milk, cornmeal or some other form of ground meal, fruit. It really just depends on what feels right. There are several locals that I work with and I never leave them alcohol. Alcohol was the second destroyer of Native Americans after disease and I don’t offer it up here, it doesn’t feel right. But I do buy tobacco for them, they do love their tobacco. When I work with my ancestral deities from Scandinavia or the British Isles I do use alcohol.


Ostara: Wheel of the Year

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