Card Reveal

Mind your mind: Friday Card Reveal

Friday Card Reveal!


Mind your mind this week.


Know what you are indulging in and make a very conscious choice to think as you are or change it. What goes on in your head and your internal dialogues are powerful creatures. They can make your day or ruin it depending on what you decide to think.


Mind your mind: Friday Card Reveal
Pick a Pile

This weeks “decks” are The Chrysalis Tarot, Found Oracle, & Windows into Worlds Oracle

You have the ability to decide what goes on in your head and how you talk to you.

Mind your mind and check in with the messages you are sending yourself.


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Pile One
The Pilgrim – Page of Scrolls, Butterfly, & Perspective


Mind your mind: Friday Card Reveal

What needs to be known? You can read it but until you take it to heart you aren’t going to know it. This is the call to put what you have learned to work to help you transform your life. This often means you need to step out of the comfort zone and look at things from a different view and perspectives. How can your perspective create a narrative? Where is transformation needed?


Pile Two
Six of Scrolls, Protection, & Courage


Where is tenderness needed? Tenderness, compassion, kindness are seen a weakness by some, which is a load of BS. They are not weak but foster strength and resiliency. This is what you want as a super power to the Six of Scrolls reminds you to bring caring and love while understanding that doing so you can base your protection in those emotions. Know you have the courage to do this. What feels like weakness in your life? Is it truly so? How can you bring in courage and change that?


Pile Three
The Watcher – Queen of Mirror, Heart of Stone, Heart


Mind your mind: Friday Card Reveal

Are you feeling all the feels? This is all about emotion and your heart his week. What do you want? What is the place the heart most desires? Feel the feels but don’t let them take over you heart. You will need that move into your intuition and trust it fully. Trust the signs that come to you all of them. Know you are guided and can find your way. Do you trust your intuition or dismiss it? How many signs do you need before you believe?



Be Creative with Spirit Dancer

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Oracle Cards

Be Creative With Spirit Dancer

Spirit Dancer

reminds us to keep in touch without creative sides.


Not to let that be defined for you by an outside source but to use your definition. Color outside the lines if you want to or in them if that’s what’s speaking to you. There are loads of things that get outside definitions and your creativity should not be one.


Be Creative With Spirit Dancer

Creativity is not only artistic endeavors but how you solve a problem and simply live your life. Don’t dismiss the small creative acts that happen everyday that you don’t think about. You started out with ideas and expressed them.


Expressing them is a big deal. It helps you reconnect to yourself. Ask yourself what makes your spirit dance? What do you enjoy doing?


Be Creative with Spirit Dancer

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It can include enjoying what other people have created looking at art, listening to music, reading, etc.

Spirit Dancer encourages you to do what you enjoy that’s creative. Crafting a meal for yourself is an act of creativity, figuring out how to do something is also an act of creativity.


Last weeks blog, Ancestor Workshop & Ritual

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You are already an Ancestor Live Workshop

What kind of ancestor are you?

Right now!


Here’s the thing, you are already doing ancestor work as an ancestor when you engage with other ancestors. You step into the pool of available peeps to work as an ancestor.


That means knowing what you stand for. This means working with healing modalities for past, present, and future. It means being willing to let healing in from those who view you as the ancestor.


Where do you place yourself among your ancestors?

Remember that you are an ancestor. You are not simply the one working with them. Someone else is working with you.


Know how you want to show up in this role. What will you teach your ancestor? What shall your guidance be for that person who connects with your energy?

Ancestor work can be tricky because most of us have what I like to call problem ancestors. They were the problem in the past and some of them remain a problem currently.

This is part of what we will touch on in the Ancestor Workshop and help heal in the Ancestor Ritual.


Join me for the Ancestor Workshop October 16th and the Ritual on the 30th.


You are already an Ancestor Live Workshop

Bring in healing for your ancestors and help out your future ancestors too.


Healing your ancestral line helps you be a better person, it helps to heal the past, and create a future without the problems we have now and in the past.

The Ancestor workshop and ritual strives to create healing and connection on the ancestral level. Doing this via healing, understanding, energy clearing, and a willingness to be a good ancestor.


In the workshop we will cover

You as an Ancestor

Adopting ancestors: who and who not to adopt.

Problem Ancestors: Colonization, racism, misogyny

How to Heal: Be the solution

The Ritual will focus on healing and clearing the energy around you and your ancestors.


When: Ancestor Workshop October 16th and the Ritual on the 30th


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October Forecast right here!

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Monthly Energies

October Forecast

The October Forecast

Reminds that you need to keep your creative feelers receptive.


October Forecast

There’s some fire you can tap into in October. How you do that is up to you. Don’t worry about what’s right or wrong here only what you need to do to keep your rebirth going.


October Forecast

You can’t change and keep doing the same old, same old. It simply doesn’t work that way. Look at what’s working and what’s not working. The creative fire comes in here and all that steam the Queen of Wands can bring in to help propel you into new parameters.


The guide card for the October Forecast is the Phoenix which is also a creature of fire and rebirth. Which means you need to know the changes that have happened and work to keep the one’s you want.


Tap into the energy in the solar plexus to help solidify everything.

This is where the will sits in your body. Use it to help you get where you want.



October Forecast

There is also a ball of energy that is waiting for the pinprick of this change to open it up. That’s all it i s going to take to release this ball of wonderful energy that’s waiting is the willingness to embrace your rebirth and fuel it with new behaviors. Sounds simple but you know changing behaviors in the beginning means being present and aware.


What do you need to bring in to help? Where do you need more skills?
Sometimes you need to find new skills to help you keep what you want with change and get where you want to be.


If you find the detour look for the lessons you need in it. Detours tend to happen when you aren’t paying attention or you aren’t ready for where you want to go. You learn from them and the detour can help you find the skills you need.


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October 9th There’s a workshop on Working with Ancestral Healing. Get your invite here.


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Live Autumnal Equinox Ritual

Equinox Ritual for Self Blessing


Pause for moment and check in with yourself.

How do you feel? What thoughts about self are happening?

Are you judging how you feel?

If you are you are not alone. And if you aren’t kudos to you!


Knowing where you are emotionally is important to knowing what’s going on with your well being. It is easy to want to get rid of difficult emotions. Society also tends to encourage this by telling you to buck up, get over it, move on…

All of which aren’t very helpful when you aren’t feeling super duper emotionally for whatever reason.


Join me for an Equinox Ritual for Self Blessing, get your invite here.


The emphasis of this ritual will be to bring in self love by doing a self blessing.


Live Autumnal Equinox Ritual

Why bless ourselves?


It is a reminder that all of you is worthy, sacred, and holy. That perfect is not what makes you any of those. It is your ability to meet yourself and in turn others where they are.

Self witnessing and validating teaches you how to show up for yourself. That will spill over into your life. It will help you remember not to give advice when all someone needs is to be seen and heard.

Seeing, hearing, validating, bearing witness is empowering. Having someone else let you know they hear and see you can be all they really need.


You can start with you!


This ritual will focus on you as a whole not just the parts you like to witness. You will have the chance to embrace the challenging aspects of self along with all the stuff that’s easy to validate.



The Equinox Ritual for Self Blessing will take place September 18th @ 5 PM Mountain, 7 PM Eastern get your invite here.



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Monthly Energies

September Energy Forecast

September’s Energy Forecast


asks you to take a look at what’s working and what’s not working. Decide what you want to work on and change and what can hang out for a while.


Know what works and what doesn’t you don’t have to do it all at once. Pick what’s not feeling so right to you at the moment. It might feel a bit tight or a bit off. That’s where you want to focus.


There’s a bunch of Uranus Retrograde energy working with this to help you open your eyes and see what you need to know. It is awareness of what is working and what’s not.


September Energy Forecast

Exploration of self and knowledge of your empowerment is a big theme this month don’t shut it down, keep it open, even if that is a trickle. Big change can be a scary creature to step into. Let’s face small change can be just as scary. Be okay with this and do the work.


That’s what courage is.

It is not being fearless but being afraid and still acting.


September Energy Forecast

Check out the Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast if you like this.

The other call of the September Energy Forecast is to be willful.

Use your inner two year old with a good dose of compassion thrown in.


It is also knowing what you want to use your will for. What needs more focus and action. Where do you need to take a stand and use your Will?


You may feel challenged and you will need not to accept answers that really aren’t answers. Press the issue instead of backing down and accepting the no answer, answer.


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Find Clarity with Sylvanius

How do I find clarity?

Has to be one of the most asked questions I get.


It is coveted.

Everybody wants that elusive clarity.


The thing about clarity is it does not pop out of your head like Athena popping out of Zeus’ head. If that does happen it is rare, write it down because you have under a minute before it is gone.


Leaving you wondering where that clarity and knowing went and how you can get it back.


Find Clarity with Sylvanius

Most of the time the best way to get clarity is to get started on it. Action will help you get to clarity faster then thinking about it or waiting for it to show up.


Clarity is a lot like inspiration the more you act and do the more often you create it. The artist in me knows the more I create art the more inspired I am. If Athena fully formed does show up it tends to be when I am acting.


The more you act and create a practice that leads you towards clarity the more you will have it. Part of it is trusting yourself. When you have an idea that feels right and you act on it.



Slyvanious is all bout finding clarity

What’s the direction you are headed in? Do you like? If yes keep going if no start making the choices that get you one you like.


Action time!

Create small steps that keep you headed where you are going. Small adds up to big.


Refine, refine, refine!

That means you keep making adjustments and choices that keep you on track.


Doing this will help you find more clarity then trying to know the whole big picture all at once before you have even started.


Check out Uranus Retrograde & Owning your Bias.

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Identifying as a Star Seed

Identifying as a Star Seed


There was a point in time where I didn’t know what to do with this concept of Star seed in my life. It didn’t seem to mesh with all my work with faery and the Under World.


I told myself that it didn’t fit and created a story around it to ignore it.


Ignoring never works out.


Identifying as a Star Seed

Once you remember that key tenet and decide to step into what you decided wasn’t for you. Brilliance took over and I realized just how wrong I was with my story around the whole star seed thing.


It meshed just fine with all my other work and strengthened it instead of diminishing it.


Opening me up to Star work, Angels, and light language.


Getting to understand what a starseed is also put a lot of the feelings I have had in a framework. That urge of never being home and completely at ease on this world. It made total sense!




There was a feeling of relief and kinship with others who have the same feelings as me. It always feels good to find people who get it.


Join me for a workshop on StarSeeds where you will learn about what it is and how it shows up. There will also be a meditation to help you connect with your starseed wisdom.

September 4th at 5 PM Mountain 7 PM Eastern
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See you there.


Uranus Retrograde & Bias, check out the meditation for Uranus.

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Uranus the Great Awakener & Bias

As a teen I became very aware of bias. This is due to the ostracization I faced for not being LDS in Utah. It was an insular place back in the 80’s with not a ton of diversity. That’s neither here not there because we are talking about bias.


Uranus The Great Awakener & Bias


Here’s somethings I know about bias.

We all have it. It can be known and understood. Which means you strive not to use it.


For example back to high school all Mormons are don’t like non members this is part of my bias in dealing with the LDS faith. I know this I also know it is not true. Crappy kids do not define a whole religion.


Privilege! Being white means I get a pass on a lot of things. My life is easier because I am white in skin color.


This means when POC tell their experience I believe and validate them. I don’t shut them down and tell them that it doesn’t happen because it hasn’t happened to me.

Womxn you know the above because womxn are told what they experience isn’t how it is because, well the guys don’t have that problem. We all know this is BS. Call them on it and call others on it when they do about anyone!


Stereotypes are part of bias.


Know what your stereotypes are part of how you train someone to know danger. One of my stereotypes is all men are potential threats. This is based in facts but…

Since I know this I can realize most men are not going to harm me walking down the street or harass. Most men aren’t going to call other men on street harassment. Men use their privilege here.


Uranus Retrograde Meditation


What does this have to do with Uranus retrograde?

Uranus is ready to open your eyes for you. If you won’t do it for you.


This retrograde will help you know all the awful things about yourself and drag you deep into the shadow. This is work that needs to happen you need to know and own your bias, privilege, and stereotypes.


Time is up for not having to do the work due to your privilege and yes I am talking to the white folks reading this. Spirituality is understanding the totality of you,not just the parts you like.


Even when you show up and do the work on this you still need to revisit it and make sure the work is current. You revisit to know how you can advocate and aid. Check out the Uranus Retrograde Forecast.


How do you want to show up in the world?


August Energy Forecast

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August Energy Forecast

August Energy Forecast


Usually the monthly energy forecasts come out fairly easily.

This week is not one of them.


More people are dead in yet another mass shooting. More thoughts and prayers proffered up with no real thought to how to change it.


I am heartsick over it yet again. I have friends in both places that had shootings. They are both alive. I’d not say they are okay because hello traumatization.


August Energy Forecast

As you move into August think about what you want. What do you want to happen in the world you live in? How do you want it be?

Ask yourself how you can be part of the change that makes the World a better place. Uranus is going retrograde on the 11th and he’s here to shake you up.


Here’s the August Energy Forecast

Here’s last weeks blog

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