Weekly Card Reveal

Mind your words and comprehension of them

Mercury went retrograde on Tuesday!

I knew you’d be excited about it.


Mind your words and your comprehension of others words. Mercury RX makes for miscommunication misfires get clear and ask questions if you are unsure.

Back up your tech and ask for ease are the two things to do right now if you haven’t already.


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March Wonderings


Now the Reveal!


Mind your words and comprehension of them

This weeks deck is the Serpent Fire tarot. Missed the Sacral Chakra Tune Up? Get tuned here.

Card 1
The World

How much can you hold? I don’t mean busy work or doing but how much wonder can you hold? This is a call to remember that you are part of the wonder of the Universe. You do belong here as you are stardust. It may feel awkward. You may long to go home. Know that even though you feel this you are here to be part of the wonder this planet needs. How can you see you are part of the solution? What can you do simply by living your wonder to heal?

Card 2
Two of Cups

What is the division of self? Words and understanding need to be brought deeply into you. This miscommunication is starting inside of you. It shows up potentially in how you speak to you, how you treat yourself. If you are communicating a message that is very different form the one you show to the world. You need to look at that and figure out how to close that division of self. How do you speak to yourself and how do you want to be seen? What can you do to heal this division of self?

Card 3
Page of Cups

Can you observe? Your job is to pay attention and observe what ’s going on around and in you. This can feel very passive but know it is an action that is needed. Pause between the creation of and the release of feel the sweet spot in between those two. When you find that sweet spot take it in and make it yours. Let it reside in your heart to grow into what you know it is. Do you stop and look around, watch?


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Get your flow on with Chakras Connected

Get your flow on with Chakras Connected!


It is easy to work on your Chakras as independent individuals.

You work on the root chakra or the throat or whatever one you feel is wonky.


The chakra that’s out of sync gets all the attention. Meanwhile the others are just hanging out waiting for their turn.

Because they don’t work as separate individual entities. They are connected and work in conjunction with each other. Sure they have different function but they function so much better when you create hubs and connections with your chakras instead of working on them only one by one.


Chakras Connected Mini Class

Learn how to create the base of self

Bring the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras together to work with each other. To create security in who you are and trusting that you know what you want!


The triple chambered heart

To create joy, resonance, and love in all you do. Bringing the three centers of the Heart chakras together lets you love freely. It creates a base of self love and compassion that expands out into the Universe.


The Throat, Third Eye and the Crown

Are brought into alignment so you can speak your truth with knowing and compassion. When these three work together you know when to speak and when you are going to waste your breathe. You understand the information that comes to you and can be expansive in how you use and process it.


Creating Chakra hubs

Helps you create short cuts to things like grounding/clearing energy. Feeling love and being willing to give and accept it. Being able to speak up when you need to is empowering.

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Doubt is part of the human experience

Doubt is part of the human experience.


We all have it, remember that when you find yourself doubting.


There are times it is a good thing to have some doubt to encourage you to question yourself and make sure it is what you want. It is another to use it as a weapon against you.

Looking at what you are doing with your life is not a bad thing and doubt can help fuel that. A healthy examination lets you know that you are on track. It can help you identify what needs help and where you want to go.


That’s awesome!

So next time doubt creeps up on you. Take a good look at it and what it is telling you. Look at it as a reminder to check in with you to evaluate the next step.

Here’s a Flip Thru of my last art journal.

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The Reveal!

Doubt is part of the human experience

This weeks deck is the Animalis Os Fortuna. The latest in the Froud’s Faery’s series.


Card 1
The Fool

Are you ready to leap? The Fool is always ready to leap into, he’s not going to stick the toe in to test it. It is all in with him. Look at where you are hemming and hewing. Just gotta test it, check it out one more time for the 80th millionth time. Stop the madness and leap or walk away and find something else to leap for. Are you in your way and how can you get out of it? What if you don’t want it?

Card 2
The Lovers

Can you find it in your heart? Take a minute to get still and slow down, let yourself be quiet. What do you hear or know in that moment? Make a choice to bring in stillness so you can know your signs and your ideas. Both are important. If you never take time to check in with you things get missed. How can being still help you not miss what you need? What is your heart telling you to do?

Card 3
Ace of Swords

Are you using your brain? There are times when you need to feel it and have all the feels about what you are doing. This is not one of them. Bring your brain in for a while and see where it takes you. There are times when you need to bring in logic and intellect to understand or make it out of something. Allow yourself to step back coolly if you need to so you can think it out. Are you reacting instead of responding? Where do you need logic to help you out?


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Pallas Retrograde Starts the 18th

Are you ready to foster creativity, initiative, intellect, and planning?


This is what Pallas Retrograde can help you from February 18th to May 30th.


Pallas is an asteroid named after the Goddess Pallas Athena. She’s all about the brain and your intellect. She’s also a good goddess to bring in when working with issues of justice. The blind folded lady with a sword representing justice is based on her.

Pallas RX

What can you do with this asteroid’s retrograde?

Plan it out. Get it all in order with a plan to work from and guide you.

What needs to be rethought out or reworked. This is a good time to do.

Creativity especially using your intellect making it a good time to do research or compile something.

Evaluate existing values in your life and make sure they are still yours.


What to watch out for.


Denying that you need to take time to rework or rethink it. Reevaluating is a process that can bring in new ideas, don’t shove it to the side.

Let the interplay between mind and heart become separate. It may feel like your intellect and heart are at odds if that happens check in. Heart and intellect can work together. Let intellect drive while hte heart navigates.

Emotions may need to take a back seat while Pallas is in retrograde. Use reason to help you with this. If you need to make a plan to deal with it.


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Monthly Energies

Tie up the Loose Ends! February Energies

Tie up the loose ends to get where you need to go.

February Energies

Let the shifts in Februaries Energy that are happening, happen. You don’t need to get it knotted up and twisted and if it feels that way imagine that knot undoing. Your energy needs to be open and flowing as much as possible.


Tie up the Loose Ends! February Energies

This will lets you step into what you are now. Work towards who you want to be. Feel the enormity of your energy and know it as bold and juicy.


Then take the steps to get where you are going.


If you never finish it up that starts to accumulate in your energy and you don’t want that. It is not a fun place to be. The focus starts to be on what is not done and is not getting done. What’s accomplished gets shoved aside and that’s not cool.

Don’t do that to yourself.

It is not cool!


You are ready. Know it and be it!


Take this reading on the go.

Or Watch it is up to you!


Did you miss last weeks card reveal? Never too late.

What happens is up to you! You create the action steps. It is your choice what gets done or not with Februaries energies.

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Weekly Card Reveal

Take a deep breath you have a minute

Take a deep breath you have a minute to breath!


That first month with two eclipses started you out with a bang.


Now is the time to put all that changed, everything you worked on into action. Use what’s happened to your advantage and play with it. Find the points that need to be tweaked but most of all enjoy doing it.

Have fun with your life and the action steps. It doesn’t have to be some serious never smile deal. It should put a smile on your face to think about or have you seriously engaged with it.


You need to want what you are doing in your life!

That makes it more fun.


Does it have to be a grand passion?

Nope. But the desire to engage with it needs to be there!

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Now the Reveal!

Take a deep breath you have a minute

This week’s deck is the Unfinished Tarot. Missed Create a Spiritual Practice? Watch it here.


Card 1
The Sword Fight

So will you stop fighting with you? You can debate with you but when that debate turns into what’s holding you back. That’s not so good! You need to get yourself all on the same page so you can move into it. This holding pattern of delay due to over analysis or fear needs to be put aside. How can you move forward? What would that look like?


Card 2
The Nesting Bird

Where’s your comfort zone? There are times to push and expand that zone. This is not one of them. Take time off, take breaks in your day, and rest a bit. This rest is going to allow you to come back to it all with a fresh eye and get it sorted and in order. Step away to get where you want to be. How can taking a break help you get things in order? Are you too close to it to know?


Card 3
The Frenchman

What was shiny and new? You know when you want something really bad and then you get it and then it turns to a whatever? That bright shiny thing that’s so sparkly and new but tarnishes at the end of the week. That’s what the Frenchman is reminding you of. Once you get used to something it is not that exciting. Stay the course and find out what it holds when you know it. Do you jump from project to project? How can you finish it before you abandon it?

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Spirituality is not a Luxury

Spirituality is not a luxury.

It should be used everyday.

This project comes out of a desire to share my spiritual practice in bit sized and affordable.


To help you create a luminous life by finding the sacred in the mundane. Life is should be experienced in all its wonder even when you are uncomfortable with it.

Spirituality is about finding your own way. Trying on my ideas and finding with works for you. Refining it and making it your own. It is about creating your magick for you to create a luminous life.


Spirituality is not a Luxury

Topics so far…


Grief, Sorrow, and the Holidays


You are so talented all about how practicing makes you talented not some innate intangible ectoplasmic white goo.


Tarot/oracle spreads for you to use.


Word of the Year Seen and sticking with it when it challenged me.


Art journal tour to show you that practice not talent is real.


Using your intuition and awareness to find the themes in your life.


Of course there are monthly thought prompts for you to use and engage with.


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Blog, a video, and an audio, month long access to webinars, and discount on all Retrograde Offerings and Solar readings.


What are the levels?

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I never thought I would get to use that line from Bauhaus in a blog! “ectoplasmic white goo” Kind of excited about that! Catch last weeks card reveal, never to late for it.


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Weekly Card Reveal

Irritation can create something wonderful. Be the Pearl

How are you this week?

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Now got that update out of the way.


Where are you in time and space?

Don’t be off on the past or the present or in a fantasy. Be here in the moment. Feel it and taste it. It is so easy to be anywhere but the now. Especially if the now has some discomfort. A bit of well place irritation will help you out.


Think of pearls.

Without irritation there’s no pearl formed in the oyster.


Eclipses, Magnetic Storms, Solar flares. How do you deal with them?

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The Reveal

Irritation can create something wonderful. Be the Pearl

This weeks deck is the InstaOracle.

Missed The January Energies?

Catch it here.

Card 1
Wild Ponies

What do ponies do all day? They eat and take naps, maybe frolic a bit. How can you be like a wild pony? Let yourself take breaks and remember breaks let you come back with a fresh mind. You get a bonus point if you get up and walk to the coffee pot to avoid an embolism from sitting. Getting inspired rarely if ever happens when you are working until you drop. Inspirational ideas show up in the shower, at the coffee pot, while day dreaming. So bee a pony and chill. Where do you need to back off and how can that help? What about taking breaks do you like or dislike?

Card 2
Standing Stones

Are you telling all? Where do you need to be like a Standing Stone? They make you wonder how they got there. This makes them enigmatic in nature and a more then a bit mysterious. You don’t have to hide what you are doing but you don’ t have to tell all to everyone. You can keep bit of it to yourself to create a surprise and some mystery. Do you tell all, all the time? What if you held back more? How does making someone wonder create mystery?

Card 3
Wishing Well

What your wishes and desires? You are at the point where you need to know what you are wishing for. Start with the concept of what you want, the big bold juicy dream of it. Don’t worry about how yet. You simply need to spend some time dreaming. This is going to help free you up to know what you want. Once you have this down then you can start in on the action steps. How can taking time out to wish and dream be productive? Do you have an idea of what this might be? If so is it what you want or what you’ve been told to want?


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Monthly Energies

January Energies -The year is new and full of potential

The year is still new and fresh and full of potentials.

You already made it through a solar eclipse at the new moon.

There’s still a lunar eclipse to look forward to at the full moon.


January Energy Reading

Look at where you want to be or the direction you want to head in. Now is the time to set up the start of that. It is the step up and sure things will change as you step into your potential.

Be ready to be flexible as you move into 2019. Keep your perceptions open and fluid. Don’t lock yourself into one pattern and get stuck there.


Eyes open, present and aware of all the potentials you hold.


January Energies

Missed last weeks card reveal? Catch it here!

There’s a Chakras connected webinar on January 16th, at 6 PM, Mountain! To get the info sign up here.


Happy New Year! First Card reveal of 2019!

Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a blessed year full of joy and empowered abundance.

So things are changing here in Bethland you may have noticed the new site and finally under my own name. That’s been a nice energy shift after a bunch of procrastination. That’s a huge one!

The other big change is I’ll be doing the Card Reveal two times a month. I need to free up some space for other things to come in and need a bit of a break from it too.

Memberships! Is my theme for the year! The Monthly Energy Buzz reading got a classroom aspect attached to it and I am now on Patreon too. So if you like what I do check out Patreon for more of it and The new version of Energy Buzz will go live in June. Get on the list to find out about any preorders for it.

Keep your eye out for one on one Mentoring Sessions Coming up.

Things that will stay the same Tarot/Oracle card readings will still be here.


Favorite Tarot Cards

Onto the reveal!

Here’s your Year Energies to get you started.


This week’s deck is the Wheel of Fortune Tarot a major arcana only deck. Catch Favorite oracle cards over here.

Card 1
The Sun

Where do you want to shine out? What do you want that to feel like for you and others? The call here is for you to let yourself be out there. Be seen and shine, knowing that bravery is action even when afraid. The Sun reminds you that bravery and courage are not the absence of fear but the willingness to act while freaking out. Where do you need to be brave? How can you be freaked out and still take action steps?

Card 2
The Hermit

What does this mean to you? There’s going to be a need to pull back at times and be silent. This can be a day or an hour. It doesn’t have to me a year long retreat, it can be short. The goal will be in that short time to get still, quiet and know. Let your heart come forward at these moments of pull back and see what it has to say. By see, I mean how you receive your info from the ‘Verse. Where are you feeling the need to be quiet, can these retreats be short or do you need a longer one? Can you hear what your heart is telling?

Card 3

Will you let this feeling of rightness in? Usually this is about choices and making a ton of them. This feels like a main choice of knowing you are right where you need to be. That the path you are on is the path you are meant to be on, for there is only Path. Most of this is the single choice to know you are on the right one, no matter if you feel not aligned, blocked, or any of the other reasons we decide not to be on the right path. How is this a choice? Can you be on the right path right now? If not why?


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