July Energy Forecast, What’s in your way?

What are you backing away from and why?


Can you step into it?


July Energy Forecast, What's in your way?

Me? I’ve been stepping into my relationship with money and how it is impacting the rest of my life. What lurks below is the the deep seated fear of being a failure. Even though I know failing really isn’t that bad in the long run.


You learn a ton about you even if it is not as fun. Failure teaches you lessons that you can’t learn from succeeding. It can hurt at times to fail but look beyond it when that starts to fade.


Because when I started looking below the surface about me trying to be so small you can’t see. You can’t harm me. I know where it starts. I know why it started.


It kept me safe. It protected me as much as it could when I was a teen.


Still living from that is not something I need now even though it still creeps in. It still is there in the background murmuring. The work with this is ongoing. It relates to money because If I am not out there. I am not seen. I don’t make money. I will never get to my full potential.

I used to ponder genetic memory. That my memory is passed via DNA. Turns out those random musings in the mid 80’s are turning out to be true.


Circle back to me trying to hide, be small, and you unfold a bigger creature then I ever thought about.


Women were and are killed for speaking out. It is a real fear. It happens still. To be maligned for speaking truth. Torn down, harmed mentally and physically.


Know the wound, goes much deeper and spans centuries.


Eclipse Season starts in July and then move into the Lion’s gate. It is time to step into Seen and Heard to become a force of nature as womxn.


Step into who you are and who you can be. Without your healing and courage as a womxn you can’t heal the future. You can’t heal the present. You can’t heal the past.


Healing starts today.


July Energy Forecast!


Decks used this month are the Lightworkers Oracle, the Oracle of Visions, & my handmade Affirmation Deck.


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Happy Solstice & Card Reveal
Monthly Card Reveal

Happy Solstice & Card Reveal

Know it is fine to be imperfect. It is fine to struggle to get it and stay with the pace. You are in a human body which has matter in it, you are not purely energy. It is that want to be the pure energy that has you struggling to keep up with it all. You feel you must do more and the message that gets sold to you tells you that you can do it all.


But do you want to do it all? Relish you time in your body Enjoy your time as matter it does things that only the body can do. The human experience is what you are here for. Let your Starseed soul remember this.


If you are somewhere you can have a fire do so. If not let your fire burn bright inside or light a candle.


Make sure you don’t have any fire restrictions and that you have something to put it out with before starting any fires outside. Be a steward of the land and care for it.


Healing Meditation

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Now the Reveal

Happy Solstice & Card Reveal

This week’s deck is the Watcher’s Tarot.


Card 1

“Let shine, let the sun shine in…” Sorry just having a Hair the musical moment. If you piceked this card on the solstice you may want to bring in solar energy a ton for the last half of the year. Be organic in it and see where it takes you. Working with large energies can be interesting when you don’t try to make it do something but instead observe how it is showing up and work with it. Where do you need some sun to shine in? How can you be radiant?


Card 2
The World

This is the second time this card has popped up this month. The first time was as the Universe same card different name.This feels very literal as in what can you do for the planet you live on? How can you help heal and care for Gaia? Look at what you can do at home and then expand out from there. Be a steward of your little part of this planet. Where are you supporting the planet? How can this be part of your spiritual and mundane life? What calls to you?


Card 3
High Priestess

The Rituals of self what are yours? This is a call to bring in ritual even more then you already have. Simple and easy things that connect you to yourself and the greater Universes. Create magickal records to guide you as you go through life as a ritual. The more you document your magick the more you realize trends in it and see yourself as connected to everything. Do you practice rituals? How can you keep them simple? Are you documenting your rituals and spiritual practices?


Last week’s blog Weather the Storm with Iris of the Rainbows.

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Oracle Cards

Weather the Storm with Iris of the Rainbows

There are time when it feels like the storm will never end and you will be stuck in the hard of it forever! This is when I fall back on the most basic practices I have. Card pulls and looking at the energy they carry.


Weather the Storm with Iris of the Rainbows

It is not the time to judge anything if you want to weather the storm in your life. It is about navigating with as little judgement as you can bring in. As a human being it will be hard to do, but it really does help.



Iris of the Rainbows can help you out with this.


No storm lasts forever it will end. In times of big change you sometimes have to go along with what’s happening and do your best. It can be hard to direct your change when you don’t have enough energy to get through the day.


All you do is your best.


Last week’s blog was June Energy Themes.

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Monthly Energies

Here’s what’s being repeated over and over: June Energy Themes

Here’s what I keep having repeated over and over….


Pull back and think it through, haste is not where it is at.


Here's what's being repeated over and over: June Energy Themes

Push it back it if it creates more space. Now we all don’t have this luxury but it comes to the next one.

What needs to happen? What doesn’t need to happen? Not going to starve, burn the house down, end the world?


Then you can push it back.


Find space where you can and go deep it is the internal that needs the attention now not the external. Focus inward and dive deep into you.

I’ve been behind on a couple of projects but here’s the thing it did not kill me. It let me take the time I needed to rest and get some extra sleep. The shifts that are happening are internal and that means paying attention to what you truly need.



Space to create


You are creating who you are even if you don’t realize it. It is in the stripping it back to basics that you make space for you to work with the shifts coming in. June is the month where you start to finish the set up that started in April for Eclipse Season in July.


Know yourself as a creative and let that in. Creativity takes so many forms, don’t limit the definition of it. It can be as simple as how you live your life. In how you manage chronic conditions. Think in broad strokes about creativity.

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Sacred:Scared came out of the anti-abortions laws that are being passed currently.



They scare me.

Women go back to not being a sovereign entity.


My early art from the ’90’s comes out of my identification with being a feminist and exploring the divine feminine. Women are sacred and holy in their whole beings. Red representing menstrual blood and masks/veils were a big theme.


The blood of life from the womb and the life of women’s souls and the lack of sovereign over their lives and bodies. I find myself circling back to these themes again and revisiting them. Needing to paint some less refined work that is more raw and less fussed with.


Ripping open the wounds that have never healed for women. The wounds of rape, battery, death, less pay, etc. Women overall do not feel safe they may not live their life completely from it. But it does have an impact on what we do and when along with the how.

I dream of a world where women are sacred and equal.


Feeling it all? Check out this week’s video Light Language for Joy and Gratitude. Sometimes the heavy feels need to be softened by kinder emotions.

Last weeks blog if you missed it.



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The Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast!

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Because when things get challenging it is all those practices you get to fall back on. Been here and having a strong spiritual framework to support me made a big difference.


It supports me when the energy to get through the day was not there after Dad died. The practice in monthly Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast reminded me to watch how I treated myself and that self love is an imperative.


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Where do you want to be?
Monthly Card Reveal

Where do you want to be?

Where do you want to be in a month, two months, three? Where?


You want to start thinking about that so you can get where you want to be. Change that you sit back and let it happen means you get change. I talk about this all the time but it is so true.


You will get more out of a consistent active practice with anything. That includes transforming your life. Trust that you know enough to figure it out. Support and tools are often what is needed more them being told how to do it.


What works for me may not work for you and that’s fine.


Because you aren’t me and I am not you. That difference in lives lived and the current story all play into it if you need more support pick up a Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast.


This week’s video is about trusting yourself and checking with your heart.


The Reveal is here!

Where do you want to be?

This month’s deck is The Keepers of the Light.

Card 1
Faith – Humanity and Benevolence
“Stay calm. Trust the good in yourself and others. See the light in the world.”

It is time for you to bring gratitude for a while and focus on the good stuff in life. Fill yourself up with the wonder of the world instead of getting lost in the busy confusion that life can bring in. Flip the script on your bad no it sucked and was horrid, find what the wonder in it, a feather, sunset, a stranger smile, etc. Where are you focused and is it working out for you? How can seeing wonder make your day?


Card 2
Hilarion – Divine Healing
“Honour your sensitivity. Retreat to recharge and heal. Your light can support others.”

This popped in my Hilarion is hilarity. This is the random stuff that happens with clairaudience. I pay attention to it. Which makes me think if you picked Hilarion this month you need have a good laugh. Laugh until your abs hurt and you are crying. Get out and have some fun. Levity and fun can heal it isn’t all digging deep into the shadow of self. Right now you need the mirth and the yes a good laugh. What’s been way too serious in your life? How can you find the humor in that?


Card 3
Archangel Micheal – Trusting Heaven
“You are safe. Angels stand close. Surrender your concerns and allow a miracle to occur.”

Are you shutting it down? Fear will keep you in place real fast. It will not let you move expand or grow. Because at the root of it most internal fear, not all, but most is rooted in keeping your safe. Safe means right where you are in the known. When you move into the unknown it can be scary and feel so unsafe. How can you move out of that fear? Bring in love and compassion instead of block busting and tearing it down. Fear and protectors feel safe when you are gentle with them. Talk them through it as you do it and why. You will feel better and your protectors will ease up and let you do what you need and want to. How do you deal with your blocks? Do try to destroy them? Can you see how they are part of you?


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Monthly Energies

May Energy Themes 2019

April was one crazy month energy wise.


There was a ton of energy starting to move around and shift.

You can resist it, which frankly is one big OUCH! on several levels waiting to happen. I’ve tried that route it was total suckage.


May Energy Themes 2019

Or you can go with it. You can flow with the energy and the shifts happening. It will feel like the more difficult choice as you protectors chime in and tell you this. It is not. Go with it and tell your protectors how okay this is and how awesome they are for caring.


Letting the protectors know they are safe will get you farther then shutting them down and making them go covert in their fear.


May is the month to work what opened up in April. It is the month for you to participate in what shifts and is opening up. Know your potential is not limited to what you think. Know you are ready.


You are getting ready for what’s coming up in a couple of months. The more you are willing to shift now, the easier it will be later on.


In so many ways you need to trust yourself and not get it twisted into doubt. It is easy to freak out after a moment of clarity. Trust the moments of clarity and brilliance that show up. Do not talk yourself out of your intuition or your gut hit.


When you start to do that remember when you talked yourself out of your intuition or didn’t pay attention to your gut hit and how did it work out.


Trust yourself to know what is right and good for you!

You got this!

Believe in yourself!


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Stick, Stones, and Bones Workshop

Stick, Stones, and Bones Workshop

Sticks, Stones, and Bones


comes out of my work with found items.


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Stick, Stones, and Bones Workshop

They are the things that find you and have meaning. You can use them to create magick in your life.


Picking things up and taking them home is a practice that I’ve had since I was a kid. From random china from a homesteaders abandoned home to the goat skull that still had sinew on it (I was 8 and insisted I must have it), to the beautiful wood whorl on the side of the road.


This is a practice that I’ve done in the country and the city.


Flower magick in the Avenues picking the neighbors flowers as they go to seed. Was one of my favorites along with naming them in Latin.

All sorts of oddities can be found in the city and the world you live in. The trick is to pay attention.


This can be the base of a spiritual path if you chose to follow them.

Learn how to use the things you find that have meaning in your life.


Create grids out of found stones.

Make sacred geometry of sticks

Use bones to connect with animal energies

Feather to clear your energy and bring in clarity.


Join me May 8th for the Sticks, Stones, & Bones Workshop at 5 PM Mountain, 7 PM ESt.

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They are about creating a safe place so you feel empowered to explore the change in front of you. So you can walk your path with knowing and feel secure that you can make choices and feel good about them.


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