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Boundaries are a theme this week – Card Reveal

Boundaries are a theme this week!


That can cover a lot of territory. It is all too easy to think of them as outside creatures. That boundaries are something you have with other people. This can include yourself if it needs to. You can create boundaries around how you work in life and treat yourself.

Boundaries are a theme this week - Card Reveal

What’s interesting about the boundaries that get used on the self is they tend to limit. I can’t do that, not good enough, and you get the idea. These boundaries hold you back and keep you from pushing into new areas.


Look at how you use boundaries in your life and on yourself. Check in with that this week and see what’s there.


This week’s piles are Druid Animal Oracle, The found Oracle, & Handmade Affirmation deck


Pile One
Fox, Cameo, & I am Abundant

Be clever and figure it out. You are more then you think you are. Abundance often starts at seeing what’s coming your way instead of what’s not coming your way. Your time line might be longer then you want it to be and that’s okay. Roll with it don’t toss it out because you think it is taking too long. Remember that overnight success usually has loads of time and work put into it. Where are you selling yourself short? How can you use your brains to keep going?


Boundaries are a theme this week - Card Reveal

Pile Two
Hawk, Peso, & I Create Energy Flows

Be a hawk about your money and mindful about how you spend it. Where are you frittering it away and why? If you have that under control keep on doing what you are doing you just got a confirmation reading! Do you really want to spend your extra money on items that are essentially disposable or will be discarded in a month or two? how can you be super conscious about what you buy? Where do you spend to spend?


Boundaries are a theme this week - Card Reveal

Pile Three
Bull, Butterfly, & I am Soulful

Bull feels like the odd one but really he isn’t. In order to get the transformation you want and be your soulful self you are going to need to set boundaries and hold them. Bull will help you dig in your heals with this and do what is best for you. Example: up all night with a sick kid and now someone wants 500 cookies for a fair. What is best for you and the kid? A hearty NO is best. Where do you lack boundaries? How can bull help you enforce them?

Boundaries are a theme this week - Card Reveal


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