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Boundaries are important with people and they are even more important when it comes to energy work and journeying. Clearly defined boundaries and who is allowed through them is important. It helps keep your house clean and saves you energy so you don’t have to keep cleaning up.


Working with spirituality even just for yourself, can make you a huge arsed beacon for things to flock to. Extra and residual energy can get you a batch of what I call critters. You know those black shadowy things you see out of the corner of your eye. They are pretty much harmless but boy does it get annoying when you keep seeing movement everywhere. Boundaries and cleansing will get rid of them.



There are things out there that aren’t nice and want to mess with you. You don’t even want theses dudes in your home. They see your shining energy and think oh play toy. These guys will try to mess you up and are not an energy you want in your home or around you. Clear and defined boundaries will help keep them out. They may challenge what you have set in place, push back if this happens and hold your ground.


A while back I reinforced and cleansed my house and had something decide to challenge my boundaries. The attack came on while I was sleeping and took the form of a dream with really high emotions but at the same time I was detached from them and feeling like WTF! Then there were black tendrils starting to go around my arms and body. It didn’t scare or even freak me out. It frankly just pissed me off. So I did the first defense that came to mind. I started eating it. Big chomps, chewed parts of it up and swallowed it. The digestive tract screens out what you can’t use and eliminates it. Then I woke up. The first words out of my mouth were get out or Lilith will peck your eyes out and Odin will rip your guts out.


I cleared the room, cast a circle around my bed and called in a Guide to ward my sleep.

I kept my boundaries defined and strong.


I do not let everything I work with in my home. Some such as Odin, Frigg, and Lilith all whom I work with are free to enter but other than my guides everyone one else needs permission to enter. They also do not get to stay. For example let’s say you are exploring Air and call in a Sylph. A Sylph is fine to work with and have in your house for the work you are doing together. Having the Sylph live with you is a whole other thing. Life could get very chaotic and airy. Air in it’s unhelpful form makes it hard to concentrate, it will unground you, it can help you jump from on thing to another. Instead of bringing in concentration, clarity, and intellect living with a Sylph can have the opposite effect. So not all allies get to hang around when the work is done.


Being aware and knowing how to stop an attack are important. These are arts and skills that don’t really get discussed as much as they should in many circles. Knowing how to protect yourself, your home, and your loved ones is important. It is also equally important that we do not see everything as an attack.



Cleansing your home

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