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Can you Find the Middle of the Road?

Can you Find the Middle Road?


The challenge for this month is to find the middle path and make it a super power. Celebration tends to be about the awesome things that happen. Meanwhile the place most of your time is spent it ignored.


Being present and aware while living your life is going to help you know where you want to go and where you want to be. Ignoring the majority of your life means ignoring a lot of time and information.


Can you Find the Middle of the Road?

Signs tend to show up when you are doing the boring mundane work of life. The mind is focused else where and lets it roam. That’s where most epiphanies come from seemingly out of nowhere when doing the dishes.


Pay more attention to your daily life and see what’s showing up there especially if you have asked for signs to come to you.


The November Forecast


There’s a bunch of stuff coming up this month.



I am part of the Art Bundle of Good with my Cosmic Earth Allies that will debut with that sale. The giveaway starts November 7th and it officially goes on sale the 14th. It is a super good deal and supports a good cause.


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There will be a Witch Wound Workshop on November 13th. Hope to see you there.


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Last week’s card reveal over here.


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