Cancer Update and Card Reveal
Card Reveal

Cancer Update and Card Reveal

Sit with it if you need too!

Not everything needs to be known by all.


There are times I need to sit with what is happening in my life before I decide to share it with the greater world. Part of the reason I share my cancer story is people need to know about the people who have it. And it isn’t like in the movies and the complexity that comes with treatment.


That sometimes the cancer story doesn’t have a definitive ending. This is where it started and this is where it ends isn’t going to happen for me. It is not always this or that.


Most likely I will have some level of cancer in my lymph nodes. There are several that remain larger than normal and one that is bigger. They are just hanging out in the same state. The main tumor is gone except for some cancer haze.


Cancer Update and Card Reveal

What that means is I will always be on the two drugs I get every three weeks for the rest of my life or until there is a breakthrough. It lets me know that it is time to start expanding back out after two years of being very internal.


Thank you for all you messages, prayers, and love.

They mean a lot!

And I still am accepting them and hoping for better.

This week it is Day 93 of the 100 Day Project


Cancer Update and Card Reveal


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The Reveal

Cancer Update and Card Reveal

This week’s decks are the Azucar Bone Oracle and the Animalis Os Fortuna.


Pile One
Courage and Wheel of Fortune

You may feel like you are rolling the dice and gambling with your fate right. But you have more of inner Courage than you realize. If you never try it out how will you know what you can do. You can roll the dice and be brave.

Cancer Update and Card Reveal


Pile Two
Compass and Death

You have the clues to your rebirth but it is up to you to use them. You can fumble around in the dark or you can use the info that’s come to you. Either way you will learn and change one will take longer than the other. You can’t get this wrong in the end.

Cancer Update and Card Reveal

Pile Three
Omen and Ace of Cups

Waiting for the other shoe to drop is not how you want to roll along in life. You can have good Omens. Stop giving your attention to what you are afraid of. It can be a potential but it most likely is not the only one. Look for some good Omens to help you out.

Cancer Update and Card Reveal


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