Card Reveal is back & Uranus Retrograde
Card Reveal

Card Reveal is back & Uranus Retrograde

Uranus went retrograde towards the end of August and I can’t get him out of my mind. There’s something in this retrograde that many us need. The shift that comes from engaging with him has potential to be a game changer.


Don’t discount what might feel microscopic coming up and that is too small to matter. the shifts coming in can be small put those tiny shifts are going to add up into some BIG CHANGE!


Bigger is not always better!


Card Reveal is back & Uranus Retrograde

Easy ways to work with this are…


Pay attention to what is showing up to maybe not showing? Play with that you have several months to work with Uranus.


Create easy action steps. Easy gets done hard gets dropped. Having a mix of sustaining small steps and larger ritual steps can also work well.


Card Reveal is back & Uranus Retrograde

Act on your steps, it feels like a no brainer but make sure you work the action steps and put them to work. This means you can make course corrections much sooner.


If you start to feel overwhelm creep on in, pull back. Take some time to drop back into observation. Do some reflection or something else. Taking a break and having a different focus is perfectly fine.


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Now the Reveal

Card Reveal is back & Uranus Retrograde

Piles are Sacred Rebels Sacred Creators Oracle, & Oracle of Visions

Pile One
What do you Feel?, Bravely Market Your Magic, & Card 10

How are things feeling? You want to check in with this before doing anything. If it is not feeling so awesome look at where you need some change. You may need to do a bit of academic foot work to get to a place where you can feel good showing yourself off. What needs more attention at this time?


Card Reveal is back & Uranus Retrograde

Pile Two
Collaborative Dreaming, External Validation, & Card 36

The advice a lot of the time is to validate yourself but sometimes you need that external information. Bringing and collaboration for validation is VALID! You may need that outside eye to help confirm what’s going on. It may also give you a different view point that frees you up to be where you are and get it. Where do you feel stuck and how can another help you out?

Card Reveal is back & Uranus Retrograde

Pile Three
Bring it into Form, Raw Intention, & Card 33

This feels like the start of something or a new phase of an existing project. See the vision or what you are striving for. Know that it is time to tart to pour your intention into and start to bring it into being. It most likely will feel super extra duper vague. That’s find you do not need all the details right at this second to start and feel good about it. Because momentum will be sustained by you feeling good about it. How do long term projects stall out for you and how can creating them to be sustainable help?

Card Reveal is back & Uranus Retrograde