Uranus the Great Awakener & Bias

As a teen I became very aware of bias. This is due to the ostracization I faced for not being LDS in Utah. It was an insular place back in the 80’s with not a ton of diversity. That’s neither here not there because we are talking about bias.


Uranus The Great Awakener & Bias


Here’s somethings I know about bias.

We all have it. It can be known and understood. Which means you strive not to use it.


For example back to high school all Mormons are don’t like non members this is part of my bias in dealing with the LDS faith. I know this I also know it is not true. Crappy kids do not define a whole religion.


Privilege! Being white means I get a pass on a lot of things. My life is easier because I am white in skin color.


This means when POC tell their experience I believe and validate them. I don’t shut them down and tell them that it doesn’t happen because it hasn’t happened to me.

Womxn you know the above because womxn are told what they experience isn’t how it is because, well the guys don’t have that problem. We all know this is BS. Call them on it and call others on it when they do about anyone!


Stereotypes are part of bias.


Know what your stereotypes are part of how you train someone to know danger. One of my stereotypes is all men are potential threats. This is based in facts but…

Since I know this I can realize most men are not going to harm me walking down the street or harass. Most men aren’t going to call other men on street harassment. Men use their privilege here.


Uranus Retrograde Meditation


What does this have to do with Uranus retrograde?

Uranus is ready to open your eyes for you. If you won’t do it for you.


This retrograde will help you know all the awful things about yourself and drag you deep into the shadow. This is work that needs to happen you need to know and own your bias, privilege, and stereotypes.


Time is up for not having to do the work due to your privilege and yes I am talking to the white folks reading this. Spirituality is understanding the totality of you,not just the parts you like.


Even when you show up and do the work on this you still need to revisit it and make sure the work is current. You revisit to know how you can advocate and aid. Check out the Uranus Retrograde Forecast.


How do you want to show up in the world?


August Energy Forecast

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Full Moon Ritual for Eclipse Season

Full Moon Ritual for Eclipse Season


Encourages you to bring in ritual to help you stay the course. As you move into eclipse season it is going to get super wild. It can be wild fun or out of control. Strive towards the wild fun aspect.


Truth is it will likely be a mix of both.


Full Moon Ritual for Eclipse Season

It all starts next week. It will be full swing with a solar eclipse on the new moon. This is a time to let go out what you are holding onto that needs to be released. It will always be part of you but you don’t have to live from it, use it, or have it at the forefront of your life.


Let it blow away in a breath of kindness.


I recommend picking up the Lion’s Gate Portal Forecast to keep you even and on track. It will take through the Eclipses, Retrogrades, and through the Lion’s Gate Portal in August.


Light Language for Chiron Retrograde.

Moon Ritual for Eclipse Season from the Lion’s Gate Portal Forecast

Get candle, white will work.
Find an incense you love.
Grab your favorite tarot or oracle deck. Runes would also work well.

Take a moment to let yourself settle and the day drop away.
Imagine a circle of white light starting in the heart Chakra. It expands out and becomes your Circle.

Acknowledge you are in sacred space.
Light your incense. (Just the slightest whiff of Nag Champa takes me into a ritual frame of mind.)

Focus on what you want to release.

I release < insert what it is >, I let it go. It returns to the Universe. Repeat with others or you can keep repeating the same release until you are ready to move on.

Light the candle

I ignite the light in me. I cleanses all that I do not need. It leaves me clear to know.

Feel, know, hear, see, taste, smell this. However it shows up.

Deep inhale, big exhale. Repeat if needed.

Pull a card.
This card is the Guide to help you stay on track. If you get a “bad” card it is the reminder of what not to do or what out for.

Do anything else you feel called to.

Let the Heart circle come back into you.

The circle is open but never broken.

Blessed Be!

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Welcome to April's Energy Themes
Monthly Energies, Retrogrades

Welcome to April’s Energy Themes

Welcome to April’s Energy Themes!

There’s a call not to get too caught up in what you think it is and that it will be this way. That route is going to tighten up your energy and not feel awesome. You want to go for what’s awesome!


Welcome to April's Energy Themes

You goal this month is to use your momentum that’s going for you. Let it carry you along and not be concerned about the pace of the momentum. Now you are back to the not get too caught up in what you think it is!


It is all about perception and what you make of it.


April Energy Themes Video




It is raining Rx blog here.

You don’t always get where you want right in the first three minutes. But you can keep taking action on it and working towards it. You need to know if you are in it for the long haul or not.

If the answer is no then you need to figure out what the yes it and start using it to what you want. Because there’s a lot going on in the heavens and you want to use the four retrogrades to get where you want.


Use that energy to fuel you and not run you over have a great month!


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It is Raining Retrogrades in April

It is Raining Retrogrades in April

The first thing I thought when I looked at April is…


It is raining retrogrades for my birthday month!




It is Raining Retrogrades in April

That’s a lot of planetary action being set into action in one month.

Ceres an asteroid





All gonna go retrograde. EEK! Eek and more eek! Is what came to mind.

Of course the next step was how can I put this to work for me? What will it do for me? The more you can bring in exploration the more things will make sense and ease can be brought in.

No one wants to be a gelatinous ball of goo and at least not know why or how to fix it.


Ceres is an asteroid and she was the goddess of grain and the harvest in Rome. Cereal comes from here name just in case you were wondering. Relationships and money issues can come up especially if you are not feeling secure with them.


Jupiter the leader of the gods and deals with leadership skills or the lack of them. He can also be petty and temperamental. He can also help you get your head on straight and come up with some cool ideas.


Pluto is the god of the underworld and death. You can feel overshadowed and left behind. Think of this planet like the Tower card. It will break you if you don’t learn how to bend. You want to be an aspen tree with Pluto not a rigid oak. Pluto is one of the more intense change influencers, the goal is to find a way to make this your super power.


Saturn who is the father of the gods bringing to light issues with patriarchy and father type figures. It is also related to self discipline or the avoidance of it. This means get your act together or it is going to fly apart on you if you get lackadaisical.


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Mercury Retrograde & Spring Equinox is here

How’s your Mercury in Retrograde

going so far?


You are about half way through it at this point.

Keep bringing in ease.


Mercury has a liquid lightening to it that can fuel your intuition and creativity if you want it to. In order to utilize that you have to stay with it and find a way to work with Mercury while it is in retrograde. That can be a tricky thing to work out at first.


Keep working with it!


Don’t give up if you don’t get it perfect on your first try.


It took me a bunch of times to get it

worked out for me.


All I knew is I didn’t want to get wiped out for most of the month when this dude hits. Really feeling it pick up a Mercury RX package or reading or both.

Because that’s not all that’s happening this month, nope, there’s also the Vernal Equinox. That’s bringing in a balance of light and dark.


This tends to go two ways.


The first is feeling super balanced and awesome.You know it and are ready to go. The second is feeling what’s not balance in your life.All the spots that don’t have a good balance come to the front and challenge you.

Making you feel overwhelmed.


Toss in the Mercury in retrograde going on at the same time and that’s not a fun place to be. Now the other peeps are digging it, because Mercury is helping them get clear while you feel like a murky mess.


That’s okay! It happens and if you take the time to sift through that murky mess you can learn a lot about yourself.


Here are a few tips to help you with both of them!

Work on bringing the areas that are off kilter into balance. Not sure how to do that?

Book a Shadow Light Reading.

Or join me for the Equinox Ritual on the 20th at 6PM Mountain, 8 PM Eastern. Get your invite here.


Pallas Retrograde Starts the 18th

Are you ready to foster creativity, initiative, intellect, and planning?


This is what Pallas Retrograde can help you from February 18th to May 30th.


Pallas is an asteroid named after the Goddess Pallas Athena. She’s all about the brain and your intellect. She’s also a good goddess to bring in when working with issues of justice. The blind folded lady with a sword representing justice is based on her.

Pallas RX

What can you do with this asteroid’s retrograde?

Plan it out. Get it all in order with a plan to work from and guide you.

What needs to be rethought out or reworked. This is a good time to do.

Creativity especially using your intellect making it a good time to do research or compile something.

Evaluate existing values in your life and make sure they are still yours.


What to watch out for.


Denying that you need to take time to rework or rethink it. Reevaluating is a process that can bring in new ideas, don’t shove it to the side.

Let the interplay between mind and heart become separate. It may feel like your intellect and heart are at odds if that happens check in. Heart and intellect can work together. Let intellect drive while hte heart navigates.

Emotions may need to take a back seat while Pallas is in retrograde. Use reason to help you with this. If you need to make a plan to deal with it.


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