Identifying as a Star Seed

Identifying as a Star Seed


There was a point in time where I didn’t know what to do with this concept of Star seed in my life. It didn’t seem to mesh with all my work with faery and the Under World.


I told myself that it didn’t fit and created a story around it to ignore it.


Ignoring never works out.


Identifying as a Star Seed

Once you remember that key tenet and decide to step into what you decided wasn’t for you. Brilliance took over and I realized just how wrong I was with my story around the whole star seed thing.


It meshed just fine with all my other work and strengthened it instead of diminishing it.


Opening me up to Star work, Angels, and light language.


Getting to understand what a starseed is also put a lot of the feelings I have had in a framework. That urge of never being home and completely at ease on this world. It made total sense!




There was a feeling of relief and kinship with others who have the same feelings as me. It always feels good to find people who get it.


Join me for a workshop on StarSeeds where you will learn about what it is and how it shows up. There will also be a meditation to help you connect with your starseed wisdom.

September 4th at 5 PM Mountain 7 PM Eastern
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Uranus Retrograde & Bias, check out the meditation for Uranus.

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August Energy Forecast

August Energy Forecast


Usually the monthly energy forecasts come out fairly easily.

This week is not one of them.


More people are dead in yet another mass shooting. More thoughts and prayers proffered up with no real thought to how to change it.


I am heartsick over it yet again. I have friends in both places that had shootings. They are both alive. I’d not say they are okay because hello traumatization.


August Energy Forecast

As you move into August think about what you want. What do you want to happen in the world you live in? How do you want it be?

Ask yourself how you can be part of the change that makes the World a better place. Uranus is going retrograde on the 11th and he’s here to shake you up.


Here’s the August Energy Forecast

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July Energy Forecast, What’s in your way?

What are you backing away from and why?


Can you step into it?


July Energy Forecast, What's in your way?

Me? I’ve been stepping into my relationship with money and how it is impacting the rest of my life. What lurks below is the the deep seated fear of being a failure. Even though I know failing really isn’t that bad in the long run.


You learn a ton about you even if it is not as fun. Failure teaches you lessons that you can’t learn from succeeding. It can hurt at times to fail but look beyond it when that starts to fade.


Because when I started looking below the surface about me trying to be so small you can’t see. You can’t harm me. I know where it starts. I know why it started.


It kept me safe. It protected me as much as it could when I was a teen.


Still living from that is not something I need now even though it still creeps in. It still is there in the background murmuring. The work with this is ongoing. It relates to money because If I am not out there. I am not seen. I don’t make money. I will never get to my full potential.

I used to ponder genetic memory. That my memory is passed via DNA. Turns out those random musings in the mid 80’s are turning out to be true.


Circle back to me trying to hide, be small, and you unfold a bigger creature then I ever thought about.


Women were and are killed for speaking out. It is a real fear. It happens still. To be maligned for speaking truth. Torn down, harmed mentally and physically.


Know the wound, goes much deeper and spans centuries.


Eclipse Season starts in July and then move into the Lion’s gate. It is time to step into Seen and Heard to become a force of nature as womxn.


Step into who you are and who you can be. Without your healing and courage as a womxn you can’t heal the future. You can’t heal the present. You can’t heal the past.


Healing starts today.


July Energy Forecast!


Decks used this month are the Lightworkers Oracle, the Oracle of Visions, & my handmade Affirmation Deck.


Catch last weeks card reveal here.

Lion’s Gate Portal Forecast is starts July 1st. Be empowered by Eclipse Season.

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Sacred:Scared came out of the anti-abortions laws that are being passed currently.



They scare me.

Women go back to not being a sovereign entity.


My early art from the ’90’s comes out of my identification with being a feminist and exploring the divine feminine. Women are sacred and holy in their whole beings. Red representing menstrual blood and masks/veils were a big theme.


The blood of life from the womb and the life of women’s souls and the lack of sovereign over their lives and bodies. I find myself circling back to these themes again and revisiting them. Needing to paint some less refined work that is more raw and less fussed with.


Ripping open the wounds that have never healed for women. The wounds of rape, battery, death, less pay, etc. Women overall do not feel safe they may not live their life completely from it. But it does have an impact on what we do and when along with the how.

I dream of a world where women are sacred and equal.


Feeling it all? Check out this week’s video Light Language for Joy and Gratitude. Sometimes the heavy feels need to be softened by kinder emotions.

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Doubt is part of the human experience

Doubt is part of the human experience.


We all have it, remember that when you find yourself doubting.


There are times it is a good thing to have some doubt to encourage you to question yourself and make sure it is what you want. It is another to use it as a weapon against you.

Looking at what you are doing with your life is not a bad thing and doubt can help fuel that. A healthy examination lets you know that you are on track. It can help you identify what needs help and where you want to go.


That’s awesome!

So next time doubt creeps up on you. Take a good look at it and what it is telling you. Look at it as a reminder to check in with you to evaluate the next step.

Here’s a Flip Thru of my last art journal.

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The Reveal!

Doubt is part of the human experience

This weeks deck is the Animalis Os Fortuna. The latest in the Froud’s Faery’s series.


Card 1
The Fool

Are you ready to leap? The Fool is always ready to leap into, he’s not going to stick the toe in to test it. It is all in with him. Look at where you are hemming and hewing. Just gotta test it, check it out one more time for the 80th millionth time. Stop the madness and leap or walk away and find something else to leap for. Are you in your way and how can you get out of it? What if you don’t want it?

Card 2
The Lovers

Can you find it in your heart? Take a minute to get still and slow down, let yourself be quiet. What do you hear or know in that moment? Make a choice to bring in stillness so you can know your signs and your ideas. Both are important. If you never take time to check in with you things get missed. How can being still help you not miss what you need? What is your heart telling you to do?

Card 3
Ace of Swords

Are you using your brain? There are times when you need to feel it and have all the feels about what you are doing. This is not one of them. Bring your brain in for a while and see where it takes you. There are times when you need to bring in logic and intellect to understand or make it out of something. Allow yourself to step back coolly if you need to so you can think it out. Are you reacting instead of responding? Where do you need logic to help you out?


Moon Magick Workshop coming up on March 6th.

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Happy New Year! First Card reveal of 2019!

Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a blessed year full of joy and empowered abundance.

So things are changing here in Bethland you may have noticed the new site and finally under my own name. That’s been a nice energy shift after a bunch of procrastination. That’s a huge one!

The other big change is I’ll be doing the Card Reveal two times a month. I need to free up some space for other things to come in and need a bit of a break from it too.

Memberships! Is my theme for the year! The Monthly Energy Buzz reading got a classroom aspect attached to it and I am now on Patreon too. So if you like what I do check out Patreon for more of it and The new version of Energy Buzz will go live in June. Get on the list to find out about any preorders for it.

Keep your eye out for one on one Mentoring Sessions Coming up.

Things that will stay the same Tarot/Oracle card readings will still be here.


Favorite Tarot Cards

Onto the reveal!

Here’s your Year Energies to get you started.


This week’s deck is the Wheel of Fortune Tarot a major arcana only deck. Catch Favorite oracle cards over here.

Card 1
The Sun

Where do you want to shine out? What do you want that to feel like for you and others? The call here is for you to let yourself be out there. Be seen and shine, knowing that bravery is action even when afraid. The Sun reminds you that bravery and courage are not the absence of fear but the willingness to act while freaking out. Where do you need to be brave? How can you be freaked out and still take action steps?

Card 2
The Hermit

What does this mean to you? There’s going to be a need to pull back at times and be silent. This can be a day or an hour. It doesn’t have to me a year long retreat, it can be short. The goal will be in that short time to get still, quiet and know. Let your heart come forward at these moments of pull back and see what it has to say. By see, I mean how you receive your info from the ‘Verse. Where are you feeling the need to be quiet, can these retreats be short or do you need a longer one? Can you hear what your heart is telling?

Card 3

Will you let this feeling of rightness in? Usually this is about choices and making a ton of them. This feels like a main choice of knowing you are right where you need to be. That the path you are on is the path you are meant to be on, for there is only Path. Most of this is the single choice to know you are on the right one, no matter if you feel not aligned, blocked, or any of the other reasons we decide not to be on the right path. How is this a choice? Can you be on the right path right now? If not why?


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