Change is in the air! Are you ready for it?
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Change is in the air! Are you ready for it?

Change is in the air! Are you ready for it?


Even if you feel you aren’t decide you are, because this tends to happen whether you want it or not. Be very aware of the shape this change is taking for you.


Small changes that seem like nothing can be potent. It doesn’t have to be huge and life shaking. It can be small and subtle, keep that in mind if you are freaking out that your life is going to come apart.


Change is in the air! Are you ready for it?



Self fulling prophecies are funny that way. Deciding it will be a breakdown to breakthrough means it will most likely end up being that way. Instead make the choice to bring in how you want your change to show up.


Change can be painful, glorious, tearful, and full of joy if you let it. No matter how much ease and desire to transform you bring to it there are times when it feels uncomfortable and that’s okay.


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This week’s piles are Angelarium, Divination Tiles, & Chakra – Worlds Deck


Pile 1
Eistbius – Angel of Divination, Eris, & Cosmic Spirit

Where are your connections? Things are going to get chaotic if you aren’t paying attention to what is in front of you. Half of making your life work is knowing what’s happening in it and the other half is figuring out how to work or change what you know. This is not the time to get caught up in the “I don’t know!” script. Decide to know and figure it out. What needs to be sustained and what needs to change? How does it feel to pay attention?


Change is in the air! Are you ready for it?

Pile 2
Kether – Crown – Spirituality, Rhea, Triangle of Shadow

Where are you ignoring the shadow? There’s a tendency to think if one is high vibe all the time that means it is all just fine. The problem is you have to ignore a lot to get to that point of denial. Anger, fear, doubt, grief, sadness, etc. Bring the shadow into your life you need to feel the emotions of it and come down to earth Rhea and know how you in a body with a myriad of emotions is brilliant and full of wonder. How can being high vibe all the time be a problem? What is the difference between denial and optimism?


Change is in the air! Are you ready for it?

Pile 3
Zachriel – Angel of Memory, Hebe the Water Bearer, StarSeed Expansion

What do you already know? Look inside for the answers and outside for the tools to use them. This is a call to open up and remember what you know so you can move into where you want to be. This is a process and is not going to happen overnight, keep the flow that water can bring in going during this process. There will be cycles of remembering, learning, and flowing. Allowing it to unfold will feel better then forcing it to take a shape you think it needs to be. How are you at going with the flow? Where are you seeing cycles take shape?


Change is in the air! Are you ready for it?

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