Card Reveal

Change isn’t all that comfy – Card Reveal

Change is uncomfortable

and it will feel challenging.


It will push your buttons!

Big shifts do happen and the change that comes with them is also very huge and more often then not overwhelming. The integration time afterwards takes a long time.


But there is a difference between big and all out painfully hard.


Change isn't all that comfy - Card Reveal

Change doesn’t need to be torturous ordeal that leaves you sobbing on the floor face smeared with chocolate. It can be tender and sweet and invitation into the unknown. This takes trust in the creatures you work with that they can and will guide you well.


Painful and huge is not always best.


Seek the sweetness that can be found in change the honey sweet of the unknown moving into you and your life.


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Now The Reveal!

This week’s piles are Crystal Mandala Oracle, Aquarian Tarot, & Vintage Wisdom

Pile One
Heavenly Mercy, Nine of Rods, & Listening


You can’t get there if you don’t pay attention. Because if you can’t see it you will miss it. The feel here is lots of distraction and it isn’t even new and shiny, you simply are scattered. Too many things at one time or even feeling overwhelmed and shut down are a couple of ways this can show up, there are others. Where are you not paying attention?

Change isn't all that comfy - Card Reveal

Pile Two
Karmic Grace, King of Pentacles, & Grace

Time to stop kicking your butt! Bring grace in to help you move out of this behavior. Did you do your best that day, yes, you are awesome. Frankly you are awesome even if you didn’t do your best. Somedays the best you can do is not what it was yesterday. The key is dropping the judgment at what happened at any given time and let you be what you are in the moment. Where do you make value calls about your day and blame yourself?

Change isn't all that comfy - Card Reveal

Pile Three
Sacred Ecosystems, Two of Pentacles, & Dreams

Dreams are part of you and it i time to listen to them. You want to balance them out in your life with the non-dream stuff. Make them part of how you function and move in the world. Small dreams, big dreams, mundane one, fantastic ones are all part of the ecosystem of your life. How are you using dreams in your life?

Change isn't all that comfy - Card Reveal

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