Weekly Card Reveal

Chill as much as you can – Card Reveal

There’s a lot going on right now and many of us are dealing with environments we aren’t equipped to deal with. Hello super hot weather in the Pacific Northwest.

Then you add in wildfires and smoke to the heat and life isn’t all that fun. When the air is all smoky and gross. You don’t feel super awesome but still try to get it all done.


My suggestion is  chill as much as you can.

Chill as much as you can - Card Reveal

Don’t be the jerk who tells you to push on through you smoke fogged and overheated brain. Just don’t do that to yourself. Back off and let yourself do the best you can.

Perfect is highly improbable.


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Here’s the Reveal!

Chill as much as you can - Card Reveal
This Week’s Piles are the Chrysalis Tarot and the 8th House Tarot

Pile One
Herne the Hunter – The Chariot and Ace of Water

The Chariot is a card of momentum that can make one slam on the brakes. Sometimes stopping it good and other times not so much. This is a time to go with it and let it flow. The Ace of Water is helping keep things flowing. So roll along with it for a while even it pushes you out of your comfort zone. Where do you feel it is happening too quickly?


Chill as much as you can - Card Reveal

Pile Two
The Minstrel – King of Stones and 8 of Water

Feeling like a stick in the mud right now? You got some earth and some water and you mix it all together into something you named block. The question you need to ask is are you really blocked? Maybe it needs more time to germinate? What if you simply need more time. Where are rushing or forcing it?


Chill as much as you can - Card Reveal

Pile Three
Seven of Mirrors and Page of Earth

Take a look at what energy you have right now. This is a good time to look at what’s being sent out and how you are conveying it. This is a refinement! Getting some clear energy is going to help you be more clear on what you are sending out and how you are showing up. Where do you feel muddled?

Chill as much as you can - Card Reveal

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Chill as much as you can - Card Reveal