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Cleansing Your Home

Cleansing Your Home


Daily life alone starts to build up in your home. All those emotions good and bad, the annoyance of a bad commute, the celebrations, the crap others drag into your home. This is just the mundane everyday energy that builds up. If you do ritual, trance work, magick, divination, or any kind of energy work or healing you become a bright star for things to flock to. Imagine what happens if you never cleansed you or your home.


Physically cleaning your home and regular decluttering helps. Yes actual cleaning can help cleanse your home. A well placed home cleaning can be symbolic such as cleaning your house on New Years to get it ready for the new year. Don’t discount the regular cleaning chores they help in maintaining a energetically happy home.

Cleansing Your Home

While regular old cleaning helps there are times that we need to take it a bit further. It is not a hard thing to do but it is important. Cleansing your home gets rid of residual goo and reinforces your boundaries. Both of these need to be done on a fairly regular basis. This can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. I lean toward simple. It is the intent that matters so if a longer ritual is needed to get you into that frame of mind go for that.


My basic cleansing routine is to walk around my home starting at the front or most used door. I dip my fingers in salt water and imagine a cleansing light imbued in them. So when I flick the water that energy helps clean the house. I chant:


Good stay in,
Bad stay out
Of all ill be free


After Water and Earth (the salt eater) are used I go for air and fire with incense. You can use a smudge stick, create an incense for cleansing, or simply use your favorite.  Nag Champa gets used for almost everything, love that stuff.See  a cleansing energy going into your incense. Do that same thing starting at the most used entryway to my home. Wave the incense up and done while chanting the above. When this is done I seal my house. Which pretty much turns the house into a circle. I trace pentacles at all windows and doors that lead to the outside. My idea came from casting a circle.


The pentacles ward the house to keep the crap out I don’t want. It also lets me control who comes in and who stays. There are entities I work with that are friendly but I sure do not want to live with them. The wards act as a filter to keep out what is not invited.


Cleansing is a magick must to help you stay in the proper mind frame for energy work and keep the flow of it all going in the direction you want it. It gets rid of the old energies and emotions that accumulate for various reasons. So don’t neglect this important ritual.



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