Close Out 2020 With Clarity and the Card Reveal
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Close Out 2020 With Clarity and the Card Reveal

One thing that’s been on my mind a lot with 2020 besides the obvious stuffs, is how to close it out. This year feels even more important then usual. Because you don’t want to take all the baggage of 2020 with you into the next year.


You want to go into next year as free and clear as possible. There will be things you carry and that’s fine. There’s been death especially in the U.S. at mid boggling rates. Whether it is personally effects you or not, good chance part of the energy is going with you into 2021. Big things take time to process and in this case mourn.


So what can you do to not take it all with your?
Here are a few easy thing.


Physically clean things up. Get the house tidy and go through those piles, vacuum, take a show, brush the teeth. Basic hygiene is also basic energy hygiene.


Do a proper house cleansing or blessing using all the elements. Air and fire along water and salt. Go through your home flicking the salt water and cleansing with your choice of incense or burnable.


Ritual to help you close out the year and help you bring in the energy that you want. Choosing a word of the year can help set that energy. The Ritual can help you shed what you don’t need.


You can also join me for a Solstice Ritual where you will let go of what you don’t need and bring in what you need. Then you will reconnect with the Universe. Join me for a not so live Solstice Ritual it goes out on 12-22 get on the list to get access. It will be up until 12-4.


Close Out 2020 With Clarity and the Card Reveal



New Moon in Sagittarius



New Moon in Sagittarius! There’s a lot of momentum that feels like it is being fueled by the solar eclipse that accompanies this new moon. You want to use that to fuel yourself because there’s a lot of steam energy that get everything moving again!


Close Out 2020 With Clarity and the Card Reveal

There other part of this is knowing your connection to all that is. Remember you do not exist outside this universe you are part of it. Strengthen this connection even more as you close out 2020.


Use this moon to reconnect and get anything that feels sluggish moving again.



Now The Reveal


Close Out 2020 With Clarity and the Card Reveal

This week’s piles are Shadowscapes Tarot & Handmade Affirmation decks.

Pile One
Page of Wands & Soul Fire


Time to get creative and let yourself have fun with it. You don’t have to bring all your creative fun into being but it will help you know more where you want to head. Keep in mind this might feel super messy right now and that’s okay. You keep going with it and find out where it takes you. Creating is not a neat and tidy process. It requires fear, unknowing, and trepidation that feeds into the willingness to keep on with it. Where do you stop because it is a mess? What would happen if you kept on with it?


BTW: those are feels I have with pretty much every piece of art I create. Because all of them have the potential to fail at some point if I stopped.


Close Out 2020 With Clarity and the Card Reveal

Pile Two
Justice & the Answer is in Me


Most of the time you know when you are getting the short end of the stick. It usually feels pretty craptacular when this happens too. Remember to trust your gut if it feels off, it most likely is not okay. The very first step of Justice is this trust of knowing if it is on the level or going to hand you something you know is off. TRUST your instinct with this stuff. Practice this until you trust yourself most of the time. Where do you ignore what your instincts tell you? How can you start to trust yourself here?


Close Out 2020 With Clarity and the Card Reveal

Pile Three

The Moon & I am Compassionate


Sometimes you feel more then a little lost. It is all right not to know what’s going on or see the whole picture. Most peeps don’t have that ability. Seeing only part of what’s happening is how it is. Normalizing not knowing is a good thing. It is okay to feel lost or not know something. It is part of life. Much of the grandiose big picture is a bunch of tiny bits that get glued together. The big picture means you kept at it instead of quitting even when you felt lost. Where do you feel lost or that it is not happening? How can you see how far you have come?


Close Out 2020 With Clarity and the Card Reveal