Weekly Card Reveal

Communication needs your attention right now.

Communication needs your attention right now.

What messages do you convey to people without saying a word?

Body language can tell you a lot about someone and how they relate to the world. Get clear on what you are putting out there non-verbally this week.


Communication needs your attention right now.
This week’s decks are Azucar Bone Oracle, Chakra/Worlds Cards, & Handmade Affirmation Deck

Pile One
Muerte – Crow, Gaia Gateway, & Angel Heart


Communication needs your attention right now.


Where are your connections? It is time to make sure you know where you feel connected or not. Gaia Gateway asks for you to bring yourself back down to earth for a while and spend time in your body. This will let you find your allies on this planet you might want to start with Crow and see what Crow has to tell you. This will let your Angel Heart shine out. Where are you connected to the planet? Where do you need to be more in your body?


Pile Two
Moon – Lunar Moth, Soul Star, & Be Joyous.


Communication needs your attention right now.


Are you listening to the Cosmos? Time to be still and listen to what the Universe is saying. You may simply need to use your Soul Star, is sits above the Crown Chakra about a foot above your head. It will help you hear the songs of Earth, Trees, and their ilk. Honor the cycles of the world, seasons, moon, sun and in doing so connect even more to what you need. Which is going to bring in a feeling of joy. Where do you cut off the song of the Cosmos? How would it feel to be that connected?


Pile Three
Meditation, Gate of Memory, & I Am Free


Communication needs your attention right now.


What’s in your way? You need to get quiet and still this week. You need to find this inside of you. Meditation will help you access what you need to know. The knowledge is inside but when you cover it all up with noise and useless prattling to avoid being still and quiet you can get lost in that noise. Make time to listen in to the inner wisdom you hold so you can use it to free up energy for what you want to do. What do you use to distract yourself? How does this impact your life?


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