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Connecting with Deity

Connecting with Deity


I never made a very good agnostic mostly because I was a deist at heart. To me it doesn’t really matter if deity is literal or figurative. People have thrown and are still throwing so much energy at gods and goddesses that they do have some form of being. Is Odin literally walking by you on the street? Really I don’t know and don’t mull it over all that often. What I do know is that you can connect to deity whenever you want to.


It all started in third grade with Greek mythology. Sitting on the library floor at Lockwood Elementary with a book in my lap. A whole new world had just opened up for me and it sparked a life long love of myths, the stories of people long dead, and their religious stories. Myth is a sweet little Greek word that means stories. It has since come to be associated with falsehood which makes me sad. But I digress.


Connecting with Deity


The story of Persephone stood out for me and I read about her over and over and started to seek out more information on her. My parents gave me Robert Graves Greek Myths for Christmas one year. I was seriously excited. But Persephone spoke to me and I worked with her unbeknownst to myself for years.


Lilith Sparked my interest in Sumerian myths. Another world opened up to me and I went deep in exploring her, in modern and ancient forms. I came into my power with her and explored that with her. She helped me weather several storms in my life.


Which brings us to the here and now. I was painting one night and my guide who goes by The Sage whispered in my ear Frigg. I am just getting to know her. In many ways she is the most dramatic as I was told about her. Her name said as clear as day, no pretending you didn’t hear it. No shrugging it off as nothing. So I am currently exploring her and also Odin.


A few tips for connecting with deity


* Be respectful. You are not the first person to reach out to the Gods so it may take a while for your connection to strengthen to a point where they do show up. Making demands can push the energy away with the end result they ignore you. Yes I am very much an animist, even if I can’t see it.


* Take your time. Get to know the God or Goddess you want to work with. Yes you will end up with 150 buck scholarly texts in your Amazon cart because it is the definitive work on your Deity. Start with their history and stories then move into personal experience.


* Leave offerings for them. It is a simple reminder that you want to connect with the divine.


* Talk to them. I tend to talk to them through out my daily life, just talk. Connect in the mundane part of your life. The more powerful way to talk to them of course is in ritual.


* Be observant. What animals, foods, colors, etc are sacred to them. Are these things appearing in your everyday life. Most of the time you do not get a big OMG they are here confirmation. But something like seeing even more ravens than normal is completely normal with say working with Odin or The Morrigan.


Make it personal. How does the deity relate to your life and how you live it? What are you incorporating on the daily level with your Deity. This is really bringing them into you and integrating them into your life. Which for me is the end goal when it comes down to it. Living life as a sacred act no matter how boring and mundane it is.


A Sacred Connection

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