Cosmic Earth Allies

Come explore the divine through Art with

Cosmic Earth Allies:

Exploration of the Divine through Art


Cosmic Earth Allies

In Cosmic Earth Allies art class you will create six pieces of art based on the world around us. working with the energies that each class bring in.


With the Tree of Life you will work with plant energies to connect you to the planet.

Cosmic Earth Allies - Tree of Life

Stone Woman takes us deep into the earth to ground us in earth energies.

Cosmic Earth Allies - Stone Woman

Cosmic Snake reminds us to shed out skin and move out of the comfort zone.

Cosmic Earth Allies - Cosmic Snake

While Blood Moon creates a connection with luminous moon energies.

Cosmic Earth Allies - Blood Moon

Sun is in the Heart bring in the bright knowing of the sun and encourages you to shine.

Cosmic Earth Allies - Sun is in the Heart


Star Angel takes us deep into the Universe and reminds us everything is created out of space dust.

You will receive six art classes with instruction. They are downloadable so you can keep them forever and access to the classroom is yours until I stop doing this class.


Each class has a meditation to help you take the themes deeper. Truth is the meditations picked the classes.


Cosmic Earth Allies art class helps to connect and deepen you and your art and understand how you use symbol to create meaning in it and your life is empowering. It brings in nuances and insights you never thought of. I know because I use it everyday to understand my intuition and to help me trust that knowledge.


Extras include

Art warm up
Journal Flip Thru
Color Wheel
Moon Magick PDF
Personal Mythos
Expressive Portrait


Cosmic Earth Allies - Expressive Portrait