Cosmic Shadow Light Coven

You know that point in time where you are feeling flat as a pancake that’s been ran over a few times? That feeling of never getting back on track and staying there. Because life just keeps on coming for you. You can’t keep up anymore.

Because you are tired.

There’s no time.



You feel lost and it sucks!


It is not a fun place to be. No one wants to end up in the place where life has spun you off somewhere that feels just short of Pluto. You are not alone. It happens to everyone.


You get derailed.

Frustrated with it all.



You want to feel like you again.


The Cosmic Shadow Light Coven is geared to helping you out of that place and come back to Earth. It does that with simple practices. Because easy gets down and complicated collects dust. The Cosmic Shadow Light Coven brings in my best practices that I use to keep me tethered through some super tough points.


The Cosmic Shadow Light Coven can help…

Because there is time.

You can feel alert.



With simple practices that help you navigate life.


The Cosmic Shadow Light Coven helps you get back on track with life. It will also help you figure out if that’s really what you want with Energy Workshops and Monthly PDFs that walk you through the basics of building a personal spiritual practice. The Cosmic Shadow Light Coven helps you connect to yourself and recognize your Spiritual Allies when they show up and how they show up for you!


Cosmic Shadow Light Coven - Lady in a red dress with hand reaching out on a space background

The Cosmic Shadow Light Coven can help…

You can get on track.

Become enchanted with life.



You can be more you.


The more you feel on track the easier it is to find the enchantment that is part of life. The Cosmic Shadow Light Coven can help you heal and come back to yourself. Knowing more deeply who you are by helping you understand how you function. You walk a personal path that no-one else ever will. And the Cosmic Shadow Light Coven can help you learn how to adapt practices so they work for you.


What’s all included in the Cosmic Shadow Light Coven?

The Cosmic Shadow Light Coven quarterly tarot reading to help you understand the greater energies going on in the world.

Moon Energy reading for the full and new moon to give you a touchstone in your month to guide you.

Monthly PDF to help guide you through spiritual practices in bite sized steps. In 2023 you will pick a theme and work with it for the year.

The Cosmic Shadow Light Coven Retrograde Forecasts that will help you understand how a given retrograde works in your life. Go beyond Mercury retrograde and find out how life transforming this work can be. They include a PDF, Light Code, Audio, and a simple tarot spread you can do for retrogrades longer than a month. Mercury gets different treatment, it’s short.

Audios that include meditations, intuitive sounds, and glossolalia. That will help you move into new ways of being.

Three plus years of workshops and rituals. They cover a lot of area over the years. They are guided by where I am at and your suggestions. Examples are Connecting with Goddess, The Four Clairs, The Four Elements, Moon Energy, and twenty some odd more of them. The Cosmic Shadow Light Coven PDF gives you suggestions each month on which workshops and ritual you may want to explore.

Energy Workshops where you get a peek into my personal practices as they are now. You also get practical resources to help you change such as the Pattern Disruptor.


The Cosmic Shadow Light Coven can help you start and maintain a spiritual practice. That practice will have strong base, it will still be there when life runs you over. I know because I lived it. When I couldn’t do much more than lie about in my bed due to anemia and pain there was still a golden thread that ran through it all.


Spiritual Allies rallied around me in energetic support. The Land still spoke to me and sang of seasonal changes happening. Even in my physical misery my practices held strong and the connections kept me going. This is what the Cosmic Shadow Light Coven is based in.


When I felt I was spun far beyond Pluto and reeling in emotions the practices in the Cosmic Shadow Light Coven tethered me. It kept me asking what is the next step and allowed me to know the answer even while I couldn’t function in life.


Join me in creating a personal spiritual practice that will stand up to all of life’s joys and sorrows.


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