Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast

Do you feel like a pancake?


Do you get ran over by what’s happening in the greater collective energies.


The Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast is geared to help you not get knocked over and spend days untangling you from what’s not yours.


Knowledge is empowerment.

The Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast helps you break down the energies that are happening in the world around you.


Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast

Want a peek?

January’s Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast Taster here.


The Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast helps you get a handle on what’s happening in your life, relationships, money, and spirituality each month.


A Video Reading helps give you a head’s up to what you need to know so you can smoothly navigate what’s going on.


It gives you the tools you need to get what you need and want out of each month.


The Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast includes a Light Language Tune that keeps your energy even and clear.

Sound heals and helps create space for new paths to open up.


Workshops & Ritual that helps you create a spiritual framework to love from. The more you know how you work the easier it is to…


Manifest Abundance

Create the Change you want

Foster Awareness


So you can live authentically and heart wide open in all you do and not worry about absorbing others energy.


You also get a monthly ebook that has


Recommendations for Crystals, Sacred Geometry so you can set up Crystal Grids to magnify your energy.


What’s going in with the moon and how to use the full and new moon that month

Crystals, and sacred geometry can help you start to manifest what you want in your life. It can help you be an active participant in what’s changing in your life.


Thought Prompts to help you work out the kinks in your mind and understand where you are and more importantly gain clarity on the next step.



Connect with Universe and bring in balance. Find ways to create simple ritual practices that you can fit into your life.


Be magick and access the divine.




Workshops help you can knowledge and help you personalize spiritual practices. It is about what works and is simple. Simple gets done and complicated gets dusty.



The Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast is ready for you.


Join today and create the life you desire.


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$219.99 which gives you one month free.



All subscriptions auto renew. This is an online subscription service.