Monthly Energies

Creative Steam – The May Forecast

It is May and heading into

a whole new energy!


Here is the thing!

Creative Steam - The May Forecast

There’s a lot of water, air, and fire going down. That mean steam is taking hold of everything. Things are going to move fast and you will need to get creative on how you deal with that speed.

Creativity is all to often too narrowly defined. It must be this or that but not that. Toss out all that nonsense because it is not working for you or me or Suzy down the way. If you are breathing you can get creative with something. And that something is your choice!


Creative Steam - The May Forecast

You get to decide what creative means to you!

It is your definition that you get to work with.


May Forecast

Summer eclipse season also starts in May which is really early. Normally you are not looking for these two eclipses until June or July. They are here early so that means there’s an elongated season of big energy.

Creative Steam - The May Forecast

Summer Eclipse season for starts with the two eclipses and ends with the Lion’s Gate on August the eighth. Now this is simply how I work and what works for me. But I use it for a sustained effort for transformation. Keep your eye out for a summer eclipse package starting in May and ending in August.


There’s also an upcoming workshop where you will learn about eclipses in magick. How you can use them to spark transformation in your life. Get on the list for access.