Dance about with wild abandon and get that energy moving
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Dance about with wild abandon and get that energy moving

Put on your favorite soundtrack and dance about with wild abandon.


Get that energy moving.


Keep in mind that wild abandon is defined by you, not what society tells you is wild abandon. Can only dance with a finger or a head bob, do it whole heartedly because we all have different abilities.


Dance about with wild abandon and get that energy moving

What a feeling…..


Yes, I have that song from Flashdance stuck in my head. Now that the energy is flowing and we all have an old 80’s song stuck in our heads.


Lets take a moment and talk about energy movement.


There is as many ways to get energy moving as there are people. You aren’t doing wrong because Susie Spiritual told you that the only way…

The most basic way to move energy is the breath. Simple as a good inhale and exhale done with presence. Take a moment and feel where you are breathing.

Up high in the chest triggers feelings of anxiety because that’s how you breath when upset. It is easy to end up here when you are stressed and not paying attention to how you are breathing.

Mid range is pretty normal for regular not paying attention breathing. This is were most of us breath from. It is a gentle breath the moves the ribs a bit and feels normal.

Deep belly breathing takes awareness. Down into the belly you will start to relax and feel more calm. This is what you want to aim for if you are breathing high in the chest. It will help you feel better and more calm. Remember don’t force it let ti be where you are.

If you are new to long deep breathing it might not be much deeper then the mid range breath and that’s okay.


You are doing it right!

Focus in on your breathing for a minute or so and then pick you pile.


This week’s piles are Sacred Creators Oracle, Handmade Affirmation Deck, and Windows into Worlds Oracle


Pile One: Overthinking Can Spoil the Magic, Soaring Soul, Heart

Are you going to think about overthinking now? How do I know you are doing that? Because I would. Trust yourself to know what’s what and what you need to do. You are trustworthy! Check in with your heart, use your soul to feel it out but know that you can trust yourself. Do it and see where it takes you. That answer can be ugh, I didn’t like that, then stop and do the thing that works for. Where do you analyze it into the oblivion? How would it feel to act?


Dance about with wild abandon and get that energy moving.

Pile Two: Celebrate Your Wins, Be Quirky, Determined

Are you celebrating what didn’t happen instead of what did? It is super easy to count up the score for what went wrong. Examine all that didn’t work out and while that does have its place, if that’s all you do, it is not good. Look at where you were spectacular and wonderful. Count your success no matter the size. Get determined to see the wins this week and have fun with them. What went right this week? How did you celebrate it?


Dance about with wild abandon and get that energy moving.

Pile Three: Your Soul Shines, Money Grows on Trees, Wide Open

What if you let yourself shine out and didn’t hide? Look at where you shut down your energy to the outside world and pull in. When you let your energy expand out you get more resilient when you hold it all in to protect. The more your soul shines out, the more wide open you are them more you naturally filter out what you don’t need. It never makes it to you. Which in turn helps you out in money or any other area. What scares you about being wide open? Can this help you find your money flow?


Dance about with wild abandon and get that energy moving.

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