Inner Work

Deep Life Transformations and Site Polish Ups

Every year I wander through my website to see if things still jive with me. Usually they do. Offerings get written from the heart and that gives them a long life. But people do change.


The last couple of years has wrought some huge changes in my life. Cancer is something no one wants. It is one of those clubs you just never want to be in. You don’t choose it, it simply happens.


Deep Life Transformations and Site Polish UpsHand painted Affirmation decks available here.

What I do know is cancer started off some big internal changes. At first my inclination was to say not much is happening as I have cancer. But the thing was that was not true. Loads was going on and at the beginning it was very internal. It went deep, so very deep.


It all felt out of control. The doctors and nurses were dictating it all, not that I had enough blood to do anything. There were infusions of iron, blood transfusions, surgery, chemo, radiation, and immunotherapies. At times it felt like a whirlwind had taken hold of it all. Deep inside it was all shifting.


That meant the bio was outdated. That was the pre-cancer me, not the post.

So there’s a new bio.


The Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast became the Cosmic Shadow Light Coven.

There are other things I want to focus on and coven fits better.

Check it out here.


Finally the Moon Readings needed a polish up. Because after several years of doing them for one person.

I know they are meant for sustained life coaching to help you move and grow in your life.

Over here for them.


2023 for me is still moving into changes but it is also about finding out who I have become over the last few years. Finding this out and integrating  it, so it becomes the new default is important. For now I shall keep on keeping on!


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