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Do you ever hold onto something?

Do you ever hold onto something?

It can be the breath, an energy, an emotion, anything that feels like it makes you glitch when it is held. A pause that you forgot to do something very normal and natural in?


That feeling!


Do you ever hold onto something?


It is time to find a way to let that go and release it thus you can get on with what you need to. You don’t have to let it go all at once, you can let it go bit by bit. When this hold is tied to a deep emotion working int small bite sized bits will feel a ton better then surgery.


Surgical Precision is not needed!


Let it open up and flow for you to move into the pause and create some beauty with it. Find the place where it can unfold and be filled with joy.

This weeks piles are Vintage Wisdom Oracle, Windows into Worlds, & the Found Oracle


Pile 1
Compassion, Stone, & Play


Do you ever hold onto something?

How do you use play and compassion? It is time to see your ability to be compassionate and have some fun as needed. Both of these tend to get stifled as you grow up. One gets told to stop playing around and get to work, don’t be so sensitive. Both are going to be your bedrock for a while. Look for ways to use them to anchor you. How can compassion and play ground you? Where are they showing up?



Pile 2
Truth, Tree, & Growth, Cycles


Do you ever hold onto something?


Are you ignoring your truth? Truth can be very quiet inside of you and is not always the roaring voice you want it to be. That’s where Tree energy comes in and the ability to be still and listen to what’s going on inside of you. Creating cycles of listening and action that comes out of stillness. What do you need to hear? How can being quiet help you with that?


Pile 3
Patience, Friendship, & Tree Allies


Do you ever hold onto something?


How is friendship showing up for you? Look for the allies who are for you and lift you up. Have the patience to cultivate the people who are there or are becoming there for you. Those who dismiss and put you down need to be looked at to see if you really wan them in your life. Do you need another put down? Life is complicated enough without that in your life. Be patient and cultivate the good friends. do you rush into friendships without much thought? Are you holding onto to people who don’t support you?


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