Do You Want to Awaken Your Magic?

Be enchanted by life everyday when you awaken your magic!


Seriously when you start treating every tidbit of life as something that is magical it changes you. It doesn’t matter what that tidbit is. You can breathe magic into it and into your life.


Do You Want to Awaken Your Magic?

When you awaken your magic you feel the fullness of life come in and wash over you. It takes you to new heights! Bringing with it an enchantment that spills into all you do.


I brought this with me as I walked the Poison Path with the magic chemotherapy and radiation. They became sacred acts of healing. Seeing the terrifying unknown of cancer as a magical act changed it. Made it a sacred path to walk. It honored the healing process!


Thankfully, most of it is so much easier.


Come find out how to live a magical life and awaken your magic in my next workshop on March 20th on the Equinox. No need to show up at a special time, that’s the date it goes out.

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