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Don’t let doubt creep in – Card Reveal

At this point in time I am pretty sure doubt and overthinking tend to work together. Because if you aren’t thinking all the time you are thinking up ways in which not to trust yourself. The trick is to know when you are doing.


But even then it still doesn’t make it feel better when doubt creeps in to help you derail. There is a big difference between needing to learn a new skill so you can do something and feeling like you can’t do it for no real reason.


Don't let doubt creep in - Card Reveal

Doubt can often show in perfectionism of not being good enough. The belief that you can’t bring it together because you are an imposter. Uranus Retrograde is bringing doubt into the picture. Keep an eye out for how you doubt for the next several months.


If it shows up for you disrupt it. Do the opposite of what you would normally do. Instead of playing into doubt flip it on its head and trust. You can choose to trust yourself and apply your intuition.


The more you disrupt this process the more you can change it. Turn it into creation and knowing that feels so much more better then doubt. Check out the Uranus Retrograde Meditation (it has sound now, no idea what I did) to help with this.


Also keep in mind doubt is not critical thinking. Critical thinking is what you do when you need to figure it out and break it down to basics. It helps to tease out meaning and if you need something.


The very basics of energy Hygiene


The Reveal is here!

Black Lives Matter! I am still hearing talk of can’t we just get back to business and this isn’t the place. Pretty much this is code I don’t want to deal with racism and bias. A Black Person can’t separate racism out of their business, life, and faith. It informs all they do and is part of how they live their lives they do NOT get the PRIVILEGE to “just get back to business.” Frankly neither should white people. You need to want to know how you work in the racist systems and where you use it as a white person. The more you understand your white privilege the more you can use it to help Black People and others. Start to be an ally. Start to become an accomplice. Let’s make it a world where Black Lives matter.

This week’s piles are The New Wave Tarot, Oracle of Visions, and Chakra/World Cards.


Pile One
Five of Swords, Card 44, and Earth Star


Stop getting in your way! Just stop it right now. It can show as overthinking, doubt, fear, and so many other ways that are super small. The thing with the super small stuff that gets in the way is you don’t realize what it is doing because it wants you to safe. Yes, safe and not doing it is known thus safe. Beware of where you are stalling out because of the unknown. What does the word unknown make you feel? How can you start to know it?


Don't let doubt creep in - Card Reveal

Pile Two
Six of Disks, Card 40, and Cosmic Heart


Look at what you say NO! to. Take a good hard look at what your nos are and if they are really nos. Usually I am all about reminding you that no is a complete sentence. But this week you need to understand why you aren’t saying yes to things. This being 2020 everything has changed in a lot of ways, extremely quickly. Take your time when making choices and understand why you are saying yes or no. Are you shutting off because you don’t know what’s what? How can taking your time help you out when making a choice? What should you say yes to?


Don't let doubt creep in - Card Reveal

Pile Three
Ace of Cups, Card 28, and Universal


Desire, love, and fulfillment popped into my head for this card. It is up to you to figure out how that looks these days. Finding love got even more complicated then it already was for the human part. But there is many ways you can love and love can show up. Look at all the ways love shows up for you. Strive to find out how it can help you feel more fulfilled right now too. Don’t shut it all down because it isn’t’ what you visualized, recreate it, rename, recapture what desire, love, and fulfillment mean. How did you think it would happen? What can you do to change what you thought it should be?


Don't let doubt creep in - Card Reveal


Music Affirmation Card

Don't let doubt creep in - Card Reveal

How are you innovating?



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